Dancing days over for Jeanette, but good life continues

Last week, a story from 1958 on ballet dancer Jeanette Siedband was featured on The Gazette's histor
Jeanette Siedband Kronick is shown in a current photo.
Jeanette Siedband Kronick is shown in a current photo.

Jeanette Siedband has come dancing back into the pages of The Daily Gazette.

Readers of the newspaper’s history page will remember Jeanette from last week’s “Capital Region Scrapbook.” Photos and text detailed the then-21-year-old dancer’s work at the Colonie Musical Theatre in Latham during the summer of 1958.

We couldn’t find a trace of Jeanette in Schenectady, but a relative tipped her to the newspaper’s coverage of her life in stage slippers, and she e-mailed a hello.

The 1956 graduate of Mont Pleasant High School also filled us in on the past 50 years. Jeanette, now Jeanette Siedband Kronick of North Bergen, N.J., said her dancing days ended during the mid-1960s.

“Well, I really had to earn more money,” she said. “So I left the classics and Broadway aspirations, took a dancing partner and backed up big-name acts in nightclubs and TV. Finally, I had burnout, not physical or artistic burnout, but professional burnout. I wanted to separate myself from my partner.

“In 1965, I left dancing and pursued a non-theatrical career. But for the rest of my life, the physical discipline was in place. I can look back on my TV life throughout my high school days in Schenectady with some fond humor. I have told friends that I was quite the little star.”

Moving on

Jeanette left quick steps — and modeling — behind and secured employment with air giant TWA.

“I met my husband [David] in 1972 and we were married in 1973,” she said. “When TWA closed their NYC offices, I was unemployed. My husband told me it was the best thing that ever happened to me. He said, ‘Now get out there and do something with what you have.’ At the time, I thought his outlook was just a tad cavalier. But by golly, he was right. I never thought service departments were that well-trained or managed. So I put together a proposal, began the interview process and landed small jobs and was finally managing departments in a series of companies. I was frequently the corporate writer.”

Politics also became part of Jeanette’s life. David served as a Democratic assemblyman in New Jersey from 1988 through 1993. She became a local committeewoman for the party.

Today, Jeanette works on computers and occasionally writes letters to her local newspaper; her subjects are breast cancer, and a constant campaign urging women to get mammograms. She also stays in shape — but does not miss the old warm-up drills.

“I usually work out five days a week in a gym class,” she said. “If I ever attempted any of the exercises I used as a professional dancer, I’m sure I would break in two.”

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