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Trash is deposited at Scotia official’s office

A dispute over trash collection at the Flint House came to a head recently when the president of the

A dispute over trash collection at the Flint House came to a head recently when the president of the organization delivered a bag of trash to Public Works Superintendent Tom Cushing’s office.

Efforts to settle the issue appear only partially successful, according to comments from both sides.

Mayor Kris Kastberg said Flint House President Cindi Pytlovany was frustrated that the garbage was not being collected at the historic home and museum at South Reynolds Street.

“She tried to make a point. She took the bag of garbage that was in the can and brought it to DPW. She can be forceful and she can be dramatic. We took care of it,” Kastberg said.

Pytlovany was initially charged with a violation-level offense of public dumping. However, the village agreed to drop the charge after Kastberg met with the Friends of the Flint House to hear their concerns.

“I told her if it happened again, it would have a serious impact on our relationship with our Friends of the Flint House,” he said. “We have to maintain some type of decorum and politeness.”

Pytlovany said the organization remains concerned about the trash collection issue. She said it has been a pleasure to preserve the Flint House and restore the grounds. However, the board has tried to resolve maintenance issues with the Department of Public Works.

“Unfortunately, we have not had the cooperation of Mayor Kastberg to resolve these issues,” she said. “The Flint House is park property, owned by the village of Scotia and it is inappropriate and unacceptable that this property is not being maintained in the manner that other park property is being take care of.”

She said after numerous attempts to resolve trash and yard waste issues, Kastberg told her take up the issues with Cushing. “After Superintendent Cushing’s refusal to remove trash from the Flint House grounds, I delivered it to the Department of Public Works facility,” she said.

Kastberg said one of the issues was the garbage at the Flint House was never on a schedule to be collected. However, he said he has directed public works officials that they will check the garbage when they go to do their weekly mowing at the property.

The Friends of the Flint House tried to convince village officials that the trash should be collected instead of being picked up at the curb like at a regular residence. Following the conversation with Kastberg, Pytlovany said she thought that they had resolved the issues, but she believes they are still unsettled after receiving an e-mail from the mayor describing how the garbage collection will be handled.

Pytlovany said the Flint House board will meet next week to determine its next options.

She said village officials indicated that during the three or four times a year when the volunteers clean up the property, the village was willing to pick up the yard waste. However, other garbage should be left at the curb.

Pytlovany said the organization relies on about 10 volunteers. It has obtained about $45,000 in park land funds and grant money and thousands of volunteer hours in preserving the Flint House.

Cushing deferred all comments to Kastberg.

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