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Judge candidates face primaries

There will be party primaries in September for county Family Court and Saratoga Springs City Court j

There will be party primaries in September for county Family Court and Saratoga Springs City Court judgeships, and for political party committee seats in Milton, Malta and Saratoga Springs.

Nominating petitions were due Thursday at the county Board of Elections, though in some cases the petitions are still subject to legal challenge.

Primary day is Sept. 9.

In the only countywide primary, Republican Family Court judge incumbent Courtenay W. Hall and Democratic challenger Kurt G. Mausert face off for the Independence Party ballot line.

In Saratoga Springs, where City Court Judge Douglas Mills is retiring, James A. Montagnino and Jeffrey D. Wait will face off in primaries for the Democratic nomination to run for city judge, and also for the Working Families Party nomination. Both those men, and also Republican nominee Matthew J. Dorsey, will primary for the judgeship ballot line of the Independence Party.

Also in the city, the deeply fractured Democratic party will have primary fights in 24 of the city’s 25 election districts.

But there’s party infighting elsewhere, as well.

In Milton, there will be fights for Republican Committee seats in nine of the town’s 14 election districts.

Milton Republican Chairman John Romano, who is not among those being challenged, said he’s urged committee members to work together to support endorsed political candidates, but divisions remain.

“There’s infighting within the committee. People have different views,” he said.

In Malta, there will be contests in two election districts. In District 11, Town Board members Gerald E. Winters and Suzanne P. Daley-Nolen are running for committee seats against William C. Smith Sr., who is the town Republican chairman, and Marion Frasier.

In Hadley, there will be a three-way primary for two Republican committee seats involving former town supervisor Jeffrey Trottier, Eileen Bennett, and Melodie Monica.

In Mechanicville, James J. Malone, David J. DeMarco and Christopher H. Boyark are competing for a seat on the city Republican Committee.

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