Burglars get $15G in equipment from Glove Theatre

Glove Theatre officials said they believe someone with knowledge of the building has to be responsib

Glove Theatre officials said they believe someone with knowledge of the building has to be responsible for a Sunday night burglary in which at least $15,000 in tools and sound equipment were stolen.

Emily Grant, executive director, called the break-in and theft “heart breaking,” and said it is her theory that the burglar or burglars had been in the building previously.

“They knew where we kept things. … They knew where we kept some unusual things,” she said.

Gloversville police Capt. James Lorenzoni said it appears someone forced open a door on the building late Sunday or early Monday. Some of the doors are from an era that would allow them to be forced open without any damage. As a result, police and theater officials are not certain which door was used in the burglary.

Theater board member Randall Etheredge, a professional carpenter engaged much of the past year in the restoration effort, lost more than $7,000 worth of tools. Much of it was power equipment, both plug-in and battery-powered units.

Grant said the theater is so dark, it is almost certain the burglar knew where the circuit box is and illuminated the building while items were collected and carried out, probably to be loaded in a truck.

Theater officials left the nightlights on when they left Sunday, but when the burglary was discovered Monday, the lights were off, she said.

The tools were stolen from under stairs near the stage. Microphones and soundboards were taken from their storage place in the balcony. Candy was taken from the concession stand and walkie-talkies, kept in a location known only to a few, were also stolen, Grant said.

Since some of Etheredge’s items are not considered valuable, Grant said she and Etheredge had a hunch some would be dumped. It was a good theory: On Washington Street, she said, they spotted Etheredge’s bright red caulk gun lying on a lawn, and nearby, they found his paintbrushes, a set once used by his father.

Grant said the theater does have insurance, but it is not yet apparent what the coverage will be. She said officials are compiling a list of items taken.

Since the burglary, she said Kingsboro Lumber has loaned the theater some equipment that Etheredge is already using to build the set for the Glove’s production of “Romance/Romance.”

Grant said she is trying to make contacts to borrow sound equipment.

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