Knicks might move training camp to Skidmore College

As far as Skidmore College is concerned, all systems are go for the New York Knicks to hold their we

As far as Skidmore College is concerned, all systems are go for the New York Knicks to hold their week-long training camp on the Thoroughbreds’ campus, beginning Oct. 1.

According to an article in Sunday’s New York Post, a deal to move the Knicks’ camp to Saratoga Springs is already in the works, but Skidmore officials said Monday that no deal has been signed. They did indicate, however, that New York Knicks officials have toured the campus, and are extremely interested in the Skidmore setting and facilities.

“The Knicks definitely toured the place, but we don’t have anything official on our end yet,” said Skidmore sports information director Bill Jones. “Someone on the Knicks’ staff told the New York Post that a deal was all set, but that’s not really the case yet.”

According to Skidmore athletic director Gail Cummings-Danson, Skidmore would be thrilled to host the Knicks’ training camp.

“All I can say is that the Knicks have been on campus to look at our facilities,” said Cummings-Danson. “The decision rests solely with the Knicks. I know they were impressed with what they saw, but they are also looking at other places, like Lake Placid.”

Cummings-Danson said that Skidmore has already made plans to make sure that the camp wouldn’t interfere with classes or day-to-day operations at the college, if a deal is completed.

“Their schedule would not be a disruption to us at all,” she said. “We’ve made alternate plans to make sure there are no conflicts, so there are no problems for us at all if they decide to come here.”

Cummings-Danson is a former assistant athletic director and interim athletic director at the University at Albany, so she understands the difference between a football camp, like the New York Giants hold, and a week-long basketball camp.

“For one thing, the practices at the basketball camp would be closed to the public. They would have two practices a day for a week. The Giants football camp is 31⁄2 weeks long, and it’s completely open to the public. There is no comparison,” she said.

“All I can say again is that it’s up to the Knicks. As far as we are concerned, there is no problem at all if they decide to come here.”

The Knicks have held their training camp in Charleston, S.C., for the last 17 years.

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