Uniquely Saratoga

There are dozens of great places to shop in the Spa city.

There are dozens of great places to shop in the Spa city. If you are looking for something uniquely Saratoga, here are some ideas.

Painted jockeys

At Saratoga Signature Interiors at 82 Church St., $800 will get you a cast-metal statue of a jockey, hand-painted in the silks of your favorite stable or any other design you want.

Outside the store, a row of finished jockeys are lined up during racing season. One popular jockey is painted in Eton blue silks with a brown stripe, which are Mary Lou Whitney’s silks.

For an additional fee, original silk designs can be registered with the Jockey Club in Manhattan, but certain specifications must be met.

Wine glasses

There are more equine-themed gifts at Impressions of Saratoga, 368 Broadway, than there are horses at the race course. At least it seems that way. You’ll find horse plates, placemats, horses on handbags and totes, stuffed horses, Breyer horses, brass horse hooks and more.

But for something uniquely Saratoga, take a look at the hand-painted glasses. Available as red wine, white wine, champagne and martini glasses, each glass has a horsey motif — a jockey’s silks, a racing horse — and sells for approximately $35. If you want to specify particular silks, horse color or add the name of the farm, add $2.

Hat boxes

If you have a fabulous hat, how about a hat box that is uniquely Saratoga? Nancy Barrett, a descendent of Grandma Moses, has created a pen-and-ink image of the Race Course, and had it reproduced in sepia tones and applied to a hat box. Each box is marked and numbered and produced in limited edition.

The boxes sell for $129 and are available at the National Museum of Racing, 191 Union Ave.

Olde Saratoga Lager

Here’s a beer brewed locally in the grand tradition of the Vienna Lagers of Austria and Marzenbiers of Munich. A six-pack costs about $8 at local supermarkets.

The brewery, located at 131 Excelsior Ave., offers guided tours on Saturday afternoons between 1 and 3 p.m. Call 581-0492 for information.

Saratoga Spring Water Company

Long before the race course, Saratoga Spring’s mineral waters are what drew the wealthy to the area that became one of the most prestigious spa resorts in the country.

In 1872 a small business emerged with the discovery of a plentiful spring source that had an especially sweet, crisp taste to it. The water has been bottled at the same Geyser Road site ever since. Today, the distinctive cobalt blue bottles of sparkling water can be purchased at local supermarkets and beverage centers.

Saratoga Salsa an d Spice Company

Saratoga Salsa and Spice Company has a store at 398 Broadway that, if you love hot and spicy, you must stop in.

There are all sorts of salsas and other delicious concoctions with decidedly horsey names like Jockey Juice sauce.

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