Shvedova rested, at top of her game

Thanks to Yarolslava Shvedova, the New York Buzz are only a half-game behind the league-leading New

Thanks to Yarolslava Shvedova, the New York Buzz are only a half-game behind the league-leading New York Sportimes following Friday night’s

23-20 win over the Sacramento Capitals at the Washington Avenue


Shvedova won all three matches she played.

“I got a few days off to rest this week, which really improved my play,” said Shvedova. “I was sick, so I didn’t practice at all yesterday, I think that helped.”

“We know our standings. We look at the computer, on occasion,” said Buzz coach Jay Udwadia “We try not to let any of that effect us, though. You know its just one game at a time.”

The Buzz were coming off an impressive win, beating undefeated Kansas City on Tuesday. The women’s doubles was especially impressive, defeating the No.

4-ranked women’s doubles team in the world.

“The win against Kansas City was huge,” said Udwadia. “I mean, for us to beat the fourth-ranked doubles team in the world, 5-0, that’s amazing.”

The mixed doubles pair of Shvedova and Nathan Healey took it to Sacramento in the second match Friday. They had been on serve through the first six games until a crucial double fault allowed Shvedova to capitalize. She hit a hard service return down the line to break the Capitals, and allow the Buzz to win the match, 5-3.

Healey struggled in the men’s singles match, He committed a key unforced error in the first game, and was broken by Sacramento’s Sam Warburg.

“You know, with me it’s a con­fidence thing,” said Healey. “If I am

feeling good and playing good, I can compete with the best in singles, but if I don’t have that confidence, I can struggle.”

After the first three matches Friday, the Buzz had a narrow one-game advantage.

Shvedova stepped up to serve in the first game of the women’s singles match against Tammy Hendler, a 15-year-old from South Africa.

Hendler got the best of Shvedova in the first game, breaking her serve with a cross-court backhand that caught the line.

“The first game is just to get into it,” said Shvedova. “I knew I have a good serve and that it was just the first game, so I don’t let it bother me.”

Shvedova rallied and broke back, winning with a big overhead slam. She went on to win the match, 5-2, giving the Buzz a significant lead going into the men’s doubles match, the last match of the night.

“Shvedova was the Buzz tonight,” said Udwadia. “You know she won all three of her matches, and her serve was just unbelievable.”

The Buzz travel to Philadelphia tomorrow and return to Albany on Sunday to play the division-leading Sportimes.

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