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Campaigns flush with cash

Republican Alexander “Sandy” Treadwell spent $384,305 this spring on producing and placing TV commer

Republican Alexander “Sandy” Treadwell spent $384,305 this spring on producing and placing TV commercials to reach 20th Congressional District voters, while most of the incumbent’s expenses were in wages and travel.

U.S. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-Hudson, paid 10 people who live in various parts of the far-flung district to get petition signatures in an attempt to get on the Independence Party line. That attempt failed when party leadership declined to give her the nomination.

Instead, Treadwell will appear on that party’s ballot line this fall.

Gillibrand and Treadwell raised more funds and outspent the other three candidates in the race, according to information on the Federal Election Commission’s Web site. Treadwell has gotten the county Republican committees’ endorsements. He has raised $2.6 million since the campaign began and has $1.2 million left in the bank.

In the three months ending July 1, he pumped more than $900,000 of his own money into the campaign, and he’s spent $1.8 million of his own funds since the beginning.

Gillibrand, who has held the seat since 2007, is still the richest candidate in the race, with $3.7 million raised to date and $2.8 million left in her campaign’s account.

She spent $214,555 during the quarter from April 1 to June 30, while Treadwell spent $673,701.

Treadwell’s campaign paid three Washington firms to develop, produce and place his TV ads.

“They hit about 75 percent of the district,” Treadwell spokesman Peter Constantakes said of the ads. “We’ll be hitting the other areas in the months ahead.”

Gillibrand’s campaign, in contrast, didn’t spend any money on TV spots, although the congresswoman did spend money on mailings.

“The congresswoman is focused on her job,” Gillibrand spokeswoman Rachel McEneny said.

McEneny said the campaign paid notaries to get signatures for the petitions because the signatures had to be witnessed.

Also, filling the petitions required a lot of driving.

“In this district, not a lot of people live right next to each other,” McEneny said.

Constantakes said Treadwell’s campaign had a lawyer review the petitions to make sure they were legal.

“But we did not pay anybody to go out and collect signatures. We certainly received strong support without having to rely on that,” he said.

Gillibrand also spent $362 a month to lease a campaign car and $6,000 for a fundraising consultant.

The other candidates trailed in raising and spending money. Republican Michael Rocque of Clifton Park has raised $242,284 since the campaign’s start and still has $15,139 in his account.

John Wallace of Columbia County, another Republican candidate and a retired state trooper and real estate agent, has raised $84,700, $80,000 of it his own money. He has $2,337 left to spend.

Todd Goldup, an independent from Albany County, was the latest to enter the race and has just $457 in the bank.

Richard Wager, who dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination in February, refunded $17,800 in campaign contributions last quarter and repaid a $36,000 loan to himself. His committee still has $233,459 available.

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