Parental pleas save kids’ teams

Seventh-grade sports, a $40,000 program cut as the Gloversville school board sought to balance its $

Seventh-grade sports, a $40,000 program cut as the Gloversville school board sought to balance its $50.7 million budget this spring, will survive but in an abridged form and at no additional cost.

Superintendent Robert DeLilli said through a plan worked out between Athletic Director Michael DeMagistris and his counterparts in the Foothills league, a seventh-grade program will be absorbed into the existing athletic department budget.

DeLilli said costs will be contained through shortening the schedule and through coordination of scheduling that will save busing costs to games.

Since the plan requires no budget amendments, DeLilli said, it can be adopted administratively with no action required by the school board.

After the board announced the elimination of the sports program, a number of parents pleaded for its reinstatement and offered to conduct fundraisers to save it.

Parent Adam Wells said this week he is pleased to learn the sports program will be preserved in some form, but said he and others are seeking to create a charity foundation capable of providing funds to the school district during such crisis situations. Wells, who is still in the preliminary stages of the project, said he envisions a foundation that would be available for a variety of district needs and programs — not just sports. Wells said there are plans to obtain a state charity 501(c) designation, a step that will facilitate corporate donations.

DeLilli said he is aware of Wells’ effort and encourages it. He said such foundations have been successful in other school districts.

Board President Perry Paul acknowledged plans are being discussed to save seventh-grade sports, but deferred comment to DeLilli.

Board member Betsy Simek said she expects the sports proposal will be discussed at the board’s July 21 meeting.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

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