Buzz hammer division leader

Coming off a Saturday night defeat and battling fatigue, the New York Buzz showed their resiliency

Coming off a Saturday night defeat and battling

fatigue, the New York Buzz showed their resiliency Sunday by routing the division-leading New York Sportimes, 23-11, at the Washington Avenue Armory.

“We smoked ’em,” said Buzz player Nate Healey. “We have a good shot at the playoffs, and that’s what I look forward to all season.”

This was the Buzz’s third match in as many nights. They were home on Friday, and lost in Philadelphia Saturday.

“You know it’s tough, all the traveling, but we try to mentally prepare,” said Buzz couch Jay

Udwadia. “We got off the train at 3:30, and the match started at 7, but we just stayed positive.”

The players agreed it’s much better playing to a home crowd.

“It was more difficult yesterday playing in Philadelphia,” said Yar­oslava Shvedova. “I really missed our little bee hive.”

The Buzz started off with a bang Sunday night. The women’s

doubles team of Shvedova and Gabriela Navratilova dominated Sportime at the net, allowing the Buzz to jump out to an early 5-0 lead.

“I think it was a big lift coming home tonight,” said Udwadia. “It’s nice having the crowd behind you, especially for a big match between two New York teams.”

Mixed doubles were also impressive for the Buzz. Shvedova, partnered with Healey, continued her excellent net play. Healey executed a key lob over Sportimes’ Brian Wilson to break his serve and allow the Buzz to win, 5-3.

“We really tried to get up to the net,” said Healey. “Sometimes, you get the opportunities, and sometimes, you don?t.”

Healey was less successful in men’s singles, losing to Jesse Witten. However, Healey kept it close, losing, 5-3.

“I don’t feel like a played badly, just a few points here or there and things would have been different,” said Healey. “He just looked up at the scoreboard, saw they were losing and teed off.”

In women’s singles, Shedova was able to work her way out of a near break in the first game by hitting a scorching service winner. The Sportimes substituted Milayros

Sequera for Hana Sromova in the next game, but it made no difference, as Shedova blew past her with a 5-1 victory.

“It was really a fun match,” said Shvedova. “We have two more home matches, and I hope they are like this one, with a lot of kids watching.”

Anna Kournikova and the St. Louis Aces come to Albany to take on the Buzz Tuesday.

New York Buzz 23, New York Sportimes 11

Women’s doubles: Yaroslava Shvedova-Gabriel Navratilova (NYB) def. Mil­ayros Sequera-Hana Sromova, 5-0. Mixed

doubles: Shvedova-Nathan Healey (NYB) def. Sequera-Brian Wilson, 5-3. Men’s singles: Jesse Witten (NYS) def. Healey,

5-3. Women’s singles: Shvedova (NYB) def. Sequera (Sromova), 5-1. Men’s doubles: Healey-Patrick Briaud (NYB) def. Wilson-Witten 5-2.

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