Practical Psychology: Imitating successful people can create our own success

Achieving success in any endeavor follows a definite pattern.

Achieving success in any endeavor follows a definite pattern. If you wish to be successful at anything, it is wise to identify people who have already been successful, learn what they have done, then do the same things. Only after you have developed their skills within yourself is it wise to add your own personal creativity to what you do. I refer to this method for creating success in life as imitating the masters.

All children imitate the masters, practice what they see others doing and then experiment by creating their own additional actions. Imitation is a most powerful form of learning. Children learn by observing the actions of others, imitating those activities, and practicing those that work to meet their needs and desires. If you desire to be successful at living, follow that same pattern.

If you wish to be successful in any endeavor, imitate the masters who have achieved success in that same endeavor.

Early in this century, Napoleon Hill studied more than 700 successful people to learn their secrets of success. He became a master of the elements of others’ success. He authored several books that have become the classics of success and have had immense worldwide impact. He identified at least 17 keys to success.

Key steps

Here is a condensation of the most powerful ones:

1. Adopt a definite purpose. “Study every person you can think of who has achieved lasting success, and you will find that each one has had a definite major purpose.”

2. Write out a specific plan for fulfilling your definite purpose. Keep revising the plan as you take action.

3. Develop a mastermind alliance. Surround yourself with others whose minds are in perfect harmony with your definite major purpose. “All truly great minds have been reinforced through contact with others that allowed them to grow and expand.” Inspire teamwork.

4. Initiate action and persevere continuously in pursuit of fulfilling your major purpose. Develop self-motivation, self-discipline and enthusiasm for your activities.

5. Create a healthy, attractive personality. Some of the elements of a healthy personality include a positive mental attitude, flexibility, honesty, sincerity of purpose, keen sense of humor, faith in infinite intelligence, keen sense of justice, emotional control, fondness for people, versatility, decisiveness and charisma. Those are characteristics everyone can develop.

5. Overcome fear. Move toward your definite purpose even if in doubt. Fear paralyzes or distorts our actions. Replace fear with hope, belief and courage.

6. Think accurately and focus your attention. Focused attention is your most powerful personal force. Remain open to new ideas, concepts and thoughts. Evaluate not only the information and content of your mental life, but your own thought processes as well.

7. Learn from adversity and defeat. Insanity is doing the same things over and over, while expecting a different outcome.

8. Maintain sound health of your mind/body. Your mind, body and environment are a single unit. Ensure the health and vitality of all three aspects of that unit.

9. Effectively manage your time and money. Budget both.

10. Make use of natural, cosmic and wealth-creating forces.

If every one of us developed those skills within ourselves and practiced the activities outlined, our successes in living would be assured. We usually create our futures, even as we have since childhood. We might as well imitate the masters at successful living, thereby creating a personal lifestyle that brings us fulfillment and happiness.

Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. is a certified life coach and licensed psychologist, specializing in life coaching and behavioral medicine. Contact him: 3421 Polk Circle West, Wellington, CO. 80549. E-mail: [email protected], or [email protected]

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