Area bridge results announced

See results of games played Friday, July 18, to Thursday, July 24

Results of games played Friday, July 18, to Thursday, July 24, were:


Friday night: 1. Dolores Heisler-Al Harding. 2. Connie & Wally Magee. 3. Mary Williams-Joel Prescott.

Russian Orthodox Church

Monday afternoon: North/South- 1.Bill & Sandy Nelson. 2. Al Ross-Steve Paskin. 1B Charles & Lois August.2B. Joe Rizzuto-Peter Wick.

Albany JCC

Monday Evening: Open Game. North/South.1.Robert Donald-Satya Pabuwal, 2. Charles Schmidt-Dorothy Krause, East/West. 1. Dorothy Shaw-Nancy Gerstenberger, 2. Peg McAteer-Niki Belleville.

Tuesday Afternoon: Open Game- Overall 1. Bibs Pankin-Blaise Reinhart. 2. Al Ross-Steve Paskin’ 3. Phyllis French-Satya Pabuwal.

Invitational Game: North/South.1 Spencer & Pat Standish. 2. John & Barbara Flynn. East/West. 1. Joan Thompson-Angela De Franco. 2. Peg McAteer-Niki Belleville.

B’NAI Shalom

Wednesday evening: North/South- 1. John & Barbara McDonald. 2. Charles Schmidt-Dorothy Kraus. East/West. 1. Wilma Delucco-Mark Rosenholz, 2. Paul & Frances Cuerdon.

Malta Ridge:North/South- 1A. Edna Doigan-Robert Valenti, 1B. Rosemary Isele- Hal Bigelow. East/West 1. Richard & Judy Hill 2. Valdean Mosier-Gary Taylor.

Schenectady JCC

Tuesday: North/South, 1. Charlotte & Dick Stearns. 2. Alex Hallenstein-Roberta Berk. 3. Ed Winke-Al Harding. East/West, 1. Carol VanLuyk-John Fiore. 2. Ann Walker-Jackie Cummings. 3. Sadie Schneider-Marilyn Soffer.

Studio of Bridge

and Games

Saturday afternoon: 1. Stan Felland-Norma Shelly. 2. Phyllis French-Fran Leary.

Monday afternoon: North/South, 1. Lorrie Chamberlin-Marian Clowe. Delores Inzero-Joe Futia. 3. Conrad Bader-Diane Alexander.

East/West, 1. Don Bathrick-Bob Ostrander. 2.Renie Federighi-Margaret Lavelle. 3. John O’Brien-Diane Alexander.

Tuesday evening: NAOP Q 1. Mabel Siler-Mary Ellen Nevin. 2. Pat & Don Klimchak.

Wednesday afternoon: North/South, 1. Andy Archibald-Bill Teiper. 2. Don Bathrick-Jackie Marsh. 3⁄4 tie. Judy Gluck-Fran Gawron. Gloriana & Dick Clark. East/West, 1. Ruth Anderson-Mary Fredrick. 2. Charlie Schmidt-Mark Mc Dermott. 3. Lukas Fekete-Angela De Franco.

Thursday afternoon: 1. Phyllis French-Bill Peruzzi. 2.Donna & Bob Cooperman. 3. Mary Williams-Clem Di Carlo.

Schaffer Heights

Saturday: North/South 1. Pat & Bill Kownack. 2. Sheila Ryan-Marie Felthousen. 3. Fenie Federighi-Jim Borgia. East/West: 1. Nancy DeVito-Pat Berrian. 2. Toly Svolos-Fran Brown. 3. Helen Frier-Flo Lippiello.

Wednesday: 1. Nancy Huss-Elaine Royer. 2. Pat Kownack-Liz Anderson. 3. (tie) Peg Davis-Marilyn Feenan. Tina Salamone-Alberta Peroutky.

Thursday: 1. Ceil Martinick-Rosemary-Mullaney. 2. Jim Borgia-Renie Federighi. 3. Jack Therrien-Ib Bartlet.



Schenectadian Lynn Deas and teammates, won the Wagar Women’s Knockout event. Though trailing by 64 IMPs at halftime, Deas’ team overtook their opponents in a 51⁄2-hour, 32-board marathon that ended at 1:15 a.m., with her team declared the champions.

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