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For sale: 1 house, shipping cost not included

The town has a farmhouse for sale, cheap — all a buyer has to do is move it somewhere else.

The town has a farmhouse for sale, cheap — all a buyer has to do is move it somewhere else.

The former John Michalko house at 584 East Line Road is on land the town purchased in 2006 for future recreational use, and town officials hope to sell the three-bedroom house rather than be forced to demolish it.

“It’s structurally sound. I think it could easily be relocated to another location,” Town Supervisor Paul Sausville said Thursday.

It’s been years since the town has tried to sell a house or building on property it acquired, although it has bought several houses or businesses in recent years as part of land transactions. It currently leases a restaurant south of the Malta Community Center to a private operator, and contractors just demolished a house located on land where the community center is being expanded.

Sausville said the Michalko house is more substantial than the one just demolished.

In the early 1990s, a house at the entrance to the Shenataha Creek Park on East Line Road was successfully sold on condition of relocation.

The Michalko house will be sold by sealed competitive bid. There is no minimum bid.

Under the town’s terms, the successful bidder will purchase the house in as-is condition and have nine months to move it to another site.

The house was bought from John Michalko in 2006 as part of a $300,000 deal in which the town bought 21 acres for future park use.

Michalko retained the right to live in the house the rest of his life, but he died last December.

The town is still trying to decide what kind of recreational uses it will develop on the property, which has some wetlands as well as former farm fields.

“It would not be intensive use,” said Sausville.

“In my personal opinion, it’s perfect for a dog park, and there’s demand for that,” said town Parks and Recreation Director Audrey Ball.

The Town Board earlier this summer authorized spending up to $50,000 for surveying and developing a park master plan, but Ball said that work really can’t go forward until the house is moved.

A small barn and a detached garage on the property are not part of the proposed sale.

The house, built in 1924, is designed for residential use and really not suitable for a park office or other municipal use, Sausville said.

Sealed bids are due by 10 a.m. Sept. 15 at the David R. Meager Malta Community Center, 1 Bayberry Drive, Malta, NY 12020. Visits can be arranged by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department at that location.

Also this week, the town began advertising for a new town historian — but this time, it is looking for someone to do the job as a volunteer.

The previous historian, Teri Gay, was a full-time employee with a $30,000 salary. She resigned in June to spend more time with family and on writing projects.

Sausville said some of the more technical work Gay did will be handled by other town departments, leaving remaining duties that he thinks a volunteer can handle.

“I’m very optimistic we’ll be able to find one,” Sausville said. “Many people have a great passion for history and might be willing to do this.”

The historian’s responsibilities will include doing historical research, written and photographic historical documentation, education and “celebrating our historical heritage,” according to the town’s job description.

Inquiries, letters of interest and résumés should be sent by Aug. 21 to Supervisor Paul J. Sausville, Town of Malta, 2540 Route 9, Malta, NY 12020.

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