Firm to coordinate house demolitions

City officials are preparing to hire an outside firm to coordinate efforts to demolish derelict prop

City officials are preparing to hire an outside firm to coordinate efforts to demolish derelict properties.

Members of the Demolition Committee met Wednesday to discuss proposals from four local companies.

Alderman Daniel Roth, R-2nd Ward, co-chair of the committee, said Latham-based engineering firm C.T. Male offered the best price and has the best portfolio.

The firm is also working with Gloversville and has successfully demolished 30 properties in that city.

Fire Chief Richard Liberti and City Engineer Richard Phillips have identified 48 city-owned properties that need to be demolished.

The chosen firm would be engaged to perform asbestos surveys on each property to determine the extent of asbestos contamination and how to proceed with remediation. Roth said the cost for the projects would be substantial, but was not specific because the cost depends on the services performed.

Asbestos surveys for each property run about $1,300. Creating bid documents, and finding utilities are examples of available services that could be included in the project.

He said the firm could also be hired as a project manager when the city demolishes the buildings.

Demolishing a building within the city would require a coordinated effort between various entities including contractors and the asbestos abatement team.

Roth said the city would need a project manager to ensure the city wasn’t being conned out of money. “We want to prevent things like change orders where contractors make a lot of money and the municipality gets screwed,” Roth said. “We’re going to spend more money, but we’ll be better educated and better prepared.”

Since so many properties are potentially coming down at once, the project manager would also coordinate which properties are being torn down, when and by whom.

The project manager would also handle paperwork associated with the demolition projects.

Roth said he plans to meet with City Engineer Phillips and Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis next week to put together a resolution hiring C.T. Male.

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