Area bridge results announced

Results of games played, Friday, Sept. 26, to Thursday, Oct. 2

Results of games played, Friday, Sept. 26, to Thursday, Oct. 2, were:


Friday night: North/South, 1. Pat Berrian-Nancy DeVito. 2. Dolores Heisler-Al Harding. 3. Connie & Wally Magee.

East/West, 1. Dolly & Bob Boutier. 2. Eleanore & Ed Winke. 3. Charlotte & Dick Stearns.

Shenendehowa Senior Center

Tuesday morning: North/South, 1. Sandra & Bill Nelson. 2. Gloriana & Richard Clark.

3. Andy Archibald-Charles Schmidt. East/West, 1. Mary Fredrick-Ross Lounsbury. 2. Charles Close-Jean Drake. 3. Teresa Fenimore-Lou Urbano.

Malta Ridge

Wednesday afternoon: Overall results, 1. Bibs Pankin-Al Ross. 2. Judy & Richard Hill.

3. Ellen Finch-Ray Ratte. 4. Ross Lounsbury-Bob Valenti. 5. Katie & Gino Scalamandre.

Studio of Bridge and Games

Monday afternoon: North/South, 1. Delores Inzero-Joe Futia. 2. Alma Pusateri-Marian Webster. 3. Sandy Quinn-Rosemary Zongrone. East/West. 1. Erwin Mosher-Phyllis French. 2. Lynn Beckman-Don Schuff. 3. Marion Sheehan-Jane Bodwell.

Tuesday evening: 1. David Funk-Margaret Lavelle. 2. Judy & Tom Ludwig. 3. George & Lynn Riecke.

Wednesday afternoon: North/South, 1. (tie) Don Bathrick-Jackie Marsh. Sandy Quinn-Carolyn Combi. 3. Gloriana & Dick Clark. East/West, 1. Conrad Bader-Joe Salamone. 2. Sandy & Stan Cohen. 3. Kathy Needham-Marilyn Hart.

Thursday afternoon: 1. June Barach-George Halbfinger. 2. John Riopelle-John O’Brien.

Northeast Interclub

At Pinehaven: North/South, 1. Peggy Mann-Joan Fisher. 2. Mimi Netter-Jeanne Bourque. 3. Alice Zayac-Sandy Cohen. East/West, 1. Angela De Franco-Joan Thompson. 2. Gloria Hatch-Sophie Hollander-3. Elsie Collins-Carolyn Allen.

Albany JCC

Sunday afternoon: 1. Rob Neuhart-Bernie Neuhart. 2. Judy & Bill Dubay. 1B. Lois Tuohey-Bibs Pankin.

Tuesday afternoon: Open game, North/South, 1. Steve Paskin-Al Ross. 2. Ruth Anderson-Lee Pearson. 1C. Nancy Streeter-John Riopelle. East/West, 1. Richard Lee-Bob Valenti. 2. Kawther Jabbur-Uli Czapski. 3. Judy & Bill Dubay. 0-750 game, North/South, 1. Jack O’Donnell-Victor Turaw. 2. Kay Duncan-Claire Wengraf. East/West, 1. Carol Paskin-Margaret Lavelle. 2. Conrad Bader-Dave Nerrow. 2B. Midge Church-Lois Novak.

Russian Orthodox Community Center

Monday afternoon: North/South, 1. Sandy & Bill Nelson. 2. Judy & Bill Dubay. 1C. Lee Tabner-Dot Adams. East/West, 1. Diane Burger-Bob Donald. 2. Rita Redlich-Satya Pabuwal. 3. Ellen & Munir Jabbur.

Thursday night: 1. Bernie Neuhart-Rob Neuhart. 2. Art Bernhardt-Al Ross. 1C. Diana Lack-Dan Wulff.

Friday afternoon: Section A, North/South, 1. Carol Chandler-Lois August. 2. Tony Prindle-Al Ross. 1C. Nancy Nitzberg-Norman Lipstein. East/West, 1. Donald Cohen-Corrado Baglioni. 2. Ross Lounsbury-Lou Urbano. 1C. Kathy & Greg Needham. Section B, North/South, 1. Diane Burger-Bob Donald. 2. Dorothy Daly-Janice Farrell. 1C. Margaret Morgan-Frances Stone. East/West, 1. Phyllis French-Mo Mosher. 2. Larry Berman-Steve Paskin. 1C. Ellen Finch-Don Schuff.

B’nai Shalom

Wednesday night: North/South, 1. Ulla & Michael Sattinger. 2. Dorothy Kraus-Charles Schmidt. 1C. Margaret Lavelle-Carol Paskin. East/West, 1. Marion Kuritz-Dave Nerrow. 2. Angela DeFranco-Michael Esposito. 1C. Sheela & Sudhir Kulkarni.

District results

Unit 115 results of the District 3 North American Open Pairs held on Saturday,Sept. 27, were:

Flight B: Gino & Katie Scalamandre were third. Larry Rosen and Steve Shaye were sixth (41 tables). Flight C: Gene Vennesland & Patricia Feulner were first. Robert & Mary Ellen Nevin were sixth (191⁄2 tables).

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