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Police: Regents taker an impostor

A former Schenectady High School student is in trouble with the law — facing a felony — after he all

A former Schenectady High School student is in trouble with the law — facing a felony — after he allegedly disguised himself as a girl to take a Regents exam for a current student, school officials and police said on Wednesday.

The female student’s status — the real student — is under review, an official said. The incident was uncovered, school officials said, when a monitor discovered the name on the test and the person taking it didn’t match. Upon a closer look, authorities realized the “student” trying to take the exam was a male masquerading as a girl, school district spokeswoman Karen Corona said.

School officials quickly notified police, who arrived just after 8:30 a.m. Tuesday and promptly arrested 17-year-old Deandre M. Ellis of Alexander Street.

Ellis was charged with one felony count of third-degree burglary under a strict interpretation of the burglary statute, police said.

Burglary is defined as knowingly entering a premises that you’re not supposed to be in with the intent to commit a crime, Police Department spokesman Sgt. Eric Clifford said.

In Ellis’ case, he was not supposed to be at the school and he intended to commit the crime of forgery, Clifford said.

The incident happened during the Regents exam on the topic of “Living Environment.”

Corona said those giving the exams know which students are supposed to be taking them. They then verify the student is taking the proper exam.

In this case, the monitor was walking the classroom aisles, verifying that each student was taking the proper exam. The monitor, she said, “saw the name on the test and realized that it wasn’t the student sitting for the test.”

The monitor then followed procedure, leading to police being called.

Ellis was arraigned and released to the supervision of probation.

The fate of the student for whom Ellis was allegedly taking the exam will be determined after a school investigation, Corona said.

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