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Price Chopper issues new list of pulled peanut products

Price Chopper has pulled seven products from the shelves of its 117 stores because they contain pean

Price Chopper has pulled seven products from the shelves of its 117 stores because they contain peanuts possibly contaminated by salmonella, company officials said Friday.

The company voluntarily pulled the products Thursday and has not had any reports of people taken ill from eating the items, said spokeswoman Maureen Murphy.

“None of our products have been directly linked to people getting sick,” she said.

The items, all company brands, are:

24 ounce Price Chopper Regular Sundae Cones

16 ounce Price Chopper Round Top Sundae Cones

16 ounce Price Chopper Round Top Sundae Cones with Fudge

12 ounce Full Circle Master Zen Party Mix

8 ounce Full Circle Mixed Nuts Roasted and Salted

12 ounce Full Circle Mocha Madness Mixed Bag

14 ounce Full Circle Mocha Madness Mixed Tubs

Murphy said the Price Chopper items used peanut butter and peanut paste produced by Peanut Corporation of America. The Georgia-based company makes peanut butter for bulk distribution to institutions, food service industries and private label food companies.

Murphy said Price Chopper will keep the products off the shelves until the recall is over or until it finds another supplier of peanut butter and peanut paste.

Customers may return any affected product to their local Price Chopper store for a full refund, Murphy said. Customers with questions or concerns may call Price Chopper’s consumer services department.

The recalled products were sold in Price Chopper sores located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Price Chopper recalled other products associated with PCA starting on Jan. 15.

PCA announced a recall of its products on Jan. 13 after the federal Food and Drug Administration inspected the company’s Georgia plant and discovered that it might be linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. The recall affects all products produced on or after July 1.

The outbreak has sickened 523 people in the United States and one person in Canada as of Thursday, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC said eight people have died after eating possibly tainted products made by PCA. All the people were 59 years of age or older.

The Minnesota Department of Health in early January identified King Nut creamy peanut butter as a source of salmonella infection in that state.

The New York Department of Health said that it has seen at least 18 confirmed cases of peanut butter-related salmonella in New York, none in the greater Capital Region. Most of the cases are in northern and western counties.

Both the FDA Web site ( and the Price Chopper Web site ( contain further information on the affected products.

Federal health officials opened a criminal investigation Friday into the Georgia peanut processing plant at the center of the national salmonella outbreak. The investigation follows reports of shoddy sanitation practices and inspections.

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