HS Skiing: Wynn, Sprague lift Queensbury

here were no surprises at the top of the score sheets when the Section II Nordic Skiing Championship

There were no surprises at the top of the score sheets when the Section II Nordic Skiing Championships ended at Lapland Lake on Wednesday.

Carly Wynn and Kevin Sprague of Queensbury were the individual champions, leading the Spartans to team titles for both boys and girls in the classical style races.

There were some surprises just below those results.

One was Scotia-Glenville senior Ariel Orlando’s third-place finish behind Danielle Winslow in the girls’ race. Orlando had finished in the top 10 in only three races during the regular season, a ninth and two 10ths.

By phone after the race, Orlando said, “I was hoping for 12th before the race, but during it, I felt good, and I thought I might get eighth. When I found out I was third, I was shocked at how I did — it was amazing, honestly, because I’ve wanted this since eighth grade.”

Her high finish translated into a second-place finish for the Scotia-Glenville girls. That following an invitational season of mostly fourths and fifths.

Nobody was more surprised and delighted than Orlando’s coach, Dirk Francois, who said after the awards, “Her finish just popped us right in there.”

But Francois was also surprised that his boys’ team, second to Queensbury all season, dropped to third in the finale.

That was partially due to Lake George junior Steven Petramale’s second-place run in the boys’ race.

Petramale had been runner-up in two previous races. And right behind him in third was teammate Willie Underwood, who had a second and a third in invitationals. But securing their spots in this one helped Lake George, third behind Scotia-Glenville all season, move into second behind Queensbury.

The teams had been used to cold weather all season, but for this meet, it was warm and raining.

Before the race, teams were slapping on klister wax for better grip.

Sprague, a senior and defending champ, said because of the wet snow, his wax wasn’t working.

“I couldn’t really get a good grip,” he said. “Usually, where I really take off and get a lot of time is on uphills, but today, that was hard to do. I had to do a lot of double-poling, which is a lot more tiring.”

Forty-one racers started in front of Wynn, and only 12 crossed the finish line ahead of her.

“It’s toughest to pass on the downhills and corners,” she said. “You have to give people plenty of warning so they know you’re coming.”

The Section II girls’ team for the state Skiing Championships will include Wynn, Danielle and Brittney Winslow, Juliann Lajoie, O’Reilly, Morgan Mueller and Rachael Bachman of Queensbury; Orlando of Scotia-Glenville; Katie Christoffel of Shenendehowa; Emily Burns and Holly Osowiecki of Johnsburg; and Emma Underwood of Lake George. Hannah Jay of Johnsburg is the alternate.

On the boys’ team are Sprague, Will Frielinghaus, Carroll, Nevins, Nick Underwood, Aaron Newell and Jon Williams of Queensbury; Dan Stev­ens and Jon Zabin of Scotia-Glenville; Petramale and Underwood of Lake George; and Brett Schlesier of Johnstown. The alternate is Cody Lassonde of Guilderland.


Team scores

Queensbury 12, Scotia-Glenville 70, Johnsburg 74, Guilderland 75, Lake George 80, Shenendehowa 87, Mayfield 133, Glens Falls 141, Johnstown 160, Saratoga Springs 237.


Carly Wynn (Q), 25:18; Danielle Winslow (Q), 26:14; Ariel Orlando (S-G), 28:14; Juliann Lajoie (Q), 28:17; Chelsea O’Reilly (Q) and Kati Christoffel (Shen), 28:28 (tie); Emily Burns (JB), 28:35; Brittney Winslow (Q), 28:49; Holly Osowiecki (JB), 28:51; Morgan Mueller (Q), 29:05.


Team scores

Queensbury 18, Lake George 53, Scotia-Glenville 59, Guilderland 72, Johnsburg 121, Johnstown 136, Canajoharie 138, Shenendehowa 142, Saratoga 154, Mayfield 157.


Kevin Sprague (Q), 29:43; Steven Pet­ramale (LG), 30:07; Willie Underwood (LG), 31:29; Will Frielinghaus (Q), 31:31; Dan Stev­ens (S-G), 32:07; Pat Carroll (Q), 32:17; Drew Nevins (Q), 32:22; Nicke Underwood (Q), 32:36; Aaron Newell (Q), 33:18; Jon Zabin (S-G), 34:21.

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