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SPAC’s 2006 coat of paint already peeling

It was just three years ago that the interior of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center was repainted a

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It was just three years ago that the interior of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center was repainted as part of a $1.6 million upgrade.

But visit the empty amphitheater now and you’ll notice big chunks of peeling cream-colored paint hanging from the underside of the balcony.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is working with the Mechanicville painter that did the 2006 project to spruce it up for this season.

Paint applied before W.W. Patenaude and Sons arrived on the scene in 2006 is the culprit, said Alane Ball Chinian, regional parks director.

“It’s not his paint that’s failing. It’s the previous paint,” Chinian said.

The area will have to be scraped and retouched each year unless the state gets enough money to sandblast the whole ceiling and start over, said Andrew Patenaude, one of the owners of the painting company.

“They would have to fully remove that paint, and probably by the time they fully removed it, the plaster would be disturbed,” Patenaude said.

As part of the $270,000 painting contract in 2006, the state asked Patenaude and Sons to scrape off loose paint and paint over the old paint rather than sandblast the plaster ceiling above the floor seats.

Patenaude said his paint stuck to the plaster where the old paint was scraped off.

The state office, which is responsible for facility upkeep for nonprofit tenant SPAC, can’t afford to get the area sandblasted and repainted now.

With its budget next year a big question mark, the parks office will spend its money on more important projects, such as a fire alarm system at the Hall of Springs and replacing portions of the Lincoln Baths roof, Chinian said.

“We have situations where something is presenting a health hazard or truly a dangerous situation,” she said.

That means that other work that was slated to happen at SPAC this year is still on hold as well, Chinian said.

A $2.5 million renovation planned for last fall and this year would have updated the look of the exterior and added new lighting, a new sound system and new bathrooms.

“No contracts are being advanced right now,” Chinian said.

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