Former Schenectady County CSEA official charged in burglary

A former president of the CSEA Local that represents Schenectady County workers is charged with burg

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Former CSEA Local 847 president Joanne DeSarbo was arrested Thursday night and charged with burglarizing a Schodack home.

It is the same Schodack home where accused arsonist and former Schenectady city schools facilities director Steven Raucci is accused of leaving an incendiary device in January 2007, Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney said this morning.

DeSarbo, 49, of Schenectady, was arraigned in Schodack Town Court Thursday evening on one count of second-degree burglary and released on her own recognizance. She is being represented by attorney Kenneth Litz.

DeSarbo is accused of burglarizing the home of another CSEA employee, around the time of the of alleged Raucci actions. Carney called the burglary personal in nature.

According to the state police, a gold ring and a tennis bracelet were taken in the burglary. State police said DeSarbo’s link to the burglary was developed as a result of the investigation into the Raucci case.

Raucci was president of the school district’s CSEA unit. The entire Local 847, which represents Schenectady County employees, was placed into administratorship Feb. 23, shortly after Raucci’s initial arrest. The move stripped the board, including DeSarbo, of its titles.

Carney said he would have more to say on any connections between the two alleged incidents when Raucci’s long awaited indictment is released, possibly next week.

But, unlike Raucci’s Schodack charge, Carney said the DeSarbo burglary count would stay in Renesselaer County.

The 60-year-old Raucci , who has since retired from his school post, is suspected in more than a dozen incidents that prosecutors believe can be prosecuted, and others that may simply be too old to prosecute.

He would damage cars of people who simply disagreed with him, slashing tires, damaging paint or blowing windshields out, Carney said previously. One couple reported their car being vandalized five times and said that Raucci had publicly denounced the husband.

Raucci allegedly threatened to kill at least five people. One man told police he was so afraid, he attempted suicide.

No one was ever injured, but the possibility was there, officials said. A top-level arson count against Raucci alleges the detonation of an explosive device at the door of an occupied Rotterdam home in 2001.

Raucci remains at the Schenectady County Jail without bail.

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