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Former Schenectady police chief’s wife getting out of jail

The Kaczmarek family is expected to have one fewer member behind bars this morning with the schedule

The Kaczmarek family is expected to have one fewer member behind bars this morning with the scheduled release of Lisa Kaczmarek.

Lisa, wife of former Schenectady police chief and admitted drug user Greg Kaczmarek, was to be released from the Schenectady County Jail this morning at 12:01 a.m., having served four months of a six-month sentence with standard time off for good behavior.

She has been housed for much of that time in Warren County, where she was expected to be less well known. No problems were reported.

She was to be transferred back to Schenectady County Tuesday evening for her release.

“She’s looking forward to it,” her attorney, Kevin Luibrand, said Tuesday afternoon. “She’s ready.

“Being incarcerated is difficult for anyone, but I imagine it has a special impact on somebody who has never been incarcerated, like her.”

Luibrand said he has been in regular contact with her. He said he believes she has dealt with it well. She even worked to help younger inmates, providing assistance with education and career goals and becoming friendly with many, Luibrand said.

Lisa Kaczmarek’s release leaves her husband, Greg, and her son, Miles Smith, still in prison.

The Kaczmareks and Smith were indicted in May along with two dozen others, accused of taking part in a drug organization headed by Kerry Kirkem and Oscar Mora.

The former chief admitted that he possessed cocaine with intent to sell on Feb. 2, 2008. His wife admitted to attempting to possess the drug that same day.

The Kaczmareks’ sentences were a matter of contention for some, with an attorney for another defendant calling them unfair and asking that his client’s sentence be reduced. The request was denied.

Smith was accused of moving drugs for the organization and selling them. He was sentenced to up to three years but is taking part in a reduced six-month shock program. His earliest release date is Oct. 1.

Greg Kaczmarek, inmate number 09A0603, is to remain in prison until at least late next year. He is serving two years in state prison, with his earliest release date set for Oct. 17, 2010.

Luibrand said he expects them to make contact as soon as it’s possible after her release.

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