Smart cars a smart choice

Have you seen those tiny cars driving around in your neighborhood?

Have you seen those tiny cars driving around in your neighborhood? You may think they look ridiculous, but they’re really smart. They’re actually called Smart cars.

Smart cars save gas and conserve energy. There are many reasons why you should get a Smart car. It’s got a 61 horsepower engine and gets 40 miles per gallon. An SUV has a 403 horsepower engine and gets 15 miles per gallon. Smart cars are environmentally friendly, and if more people drove them today, we would save gas.

Smart cars are easier to park in the city because you could just park head first in a parallel spot. Imagine if you were late for work and you couldn’t find a parking space. If you had a Smart car, you could park in the smallest parallel spot.

In Europe, 770,000 Smart cars have been sold. Keeler of Colonie is one of the 64 dealers nationwide that carries Smart cars. Since the Smart car first arrived here in mid January, 6,100 of them have been placed with owners nationwide.

The Smart car project was started by Nicholas Hayek, the CEO of Swatch, a Swiss watch making company.

My dad’s opinion on Smart cars is that they appear to be much smaller than most cars. “I think they look a bit unsafe, but I am prepared to buy one if I am convinced.” He should be convinced. The 2009 Smart car received the highest rating for front side crash-worthiness.

Try to convince your parents to buy one, or maybe when you grow up, you could buy one. Not only are they safe, but they are convenient and you would be helping the planet in so many ways!

Jamie Bottino is a fourth-grader at Okte Elementary School

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