Prosecutor says Schenectady man killed victim in robbery attempt

A Schenectady County prosecutor says Eshon Guy shot Anthony Brown fatally in an attempt to rob him o

Eshon Guy had targeted Anthony Brown for some time, hoping to rob him of marijuana he believed Brown had, a prosecutor said this morning.

The 32-year-old Guy went so far as to instruct his 16-year-old girlfriend, Laryn Berry, to flirt with the 28-year-old Brown and stay close to him, giving Guy updates on Brown’s whereabouts.

When Guy finally caught up with Brown April 15, 2008, on Bridge Street, Brown fled, but Guy shot him in the back multiple times, according to the prosecution, but got nothing from him.

Guy is standing trial before Acting Schenectady County Court Judge Richard Giardino on multiple counts, including first-degree murder.

His attorney, Brian Mercy, told the jury to scrutinize the witnesses and what benefits they might have received, cutting deals with the prosecution for their testimony. He also questioned the motives of police in closing the case.

“Who fired that gun and who committed that crime will not be proven due to the lack of any credible evidence presented in this court,” Mercy told the jury. “There is no credible evidence to prove that Mr. Guy committed these crimes.”

Tracking Brown, prosecutor Matthew Sypnewski told the jury, was about the only successful thing Guy did.

He tried to burglarize Brown’s apartment on Front Street in Schenectady earlier that day, but hit the wrong apartment. He attempted again the next day, but again burglarized the wrong apartment, shooting himself in the leg as he fled, according to authorities.

“Eshon Guy was determined to get whatever money or marijuana he could from Anthony Brown,” Sypniewski said.

That determination led Guy to shoot Brown in the back as Brown fled, tripping as he ran. He was shot at least four times, finally crawling away, fatally wounded.

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