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Carjacking victim gets arrested himself on outstanding warrant

Things went from bad to better to worse for a city man on Tuesday.

Things went from bad to better to worse for a city man on Tuesday.

It started on Kelton Avenue at about 2 a.m. when he reported the car he was driving stolen from him by two men, police said.

It got better Tuesday evening, when he found it himself on Linden Street.

It went back to worse when police responded to help him retrieve the car realized he was wanted himself on outstanding warrants, police said.

Patrick J. Smith, 33, of Roosevelt Ave., was booked just after 6 p.m. on two outstanding warrants. Details on the warrants were not available.

The day began for Smith on Kelton Avenue, when he reported two men walking in the street threw an object at his vehicle. When he got out to confront them, one punched him and grabbed his neck. The men then jumped into the vehicle and took off toward Duane Avenue and then Brandywine.

The man’s girlfriend, the owner of the car, spoke with police.

Police had little to go on until Tuesday evening, when Smith spotted the car, a Honda Accord, on the 100 block of Linden Street. The condition of the car was unknown.

Then police connected Smith to the warrants. It was unclear if he knew the warrants were posted, police spokesman Detective Kevin Green said.

“It might be a case where he didn’t know he was wanted,” Green said.

Further details on the investigation into the original incident were unavailable.

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