Sentencing postponed again for sex offender

Federal officials postponed the sentencing of George “Chris” Ortloff for another five months as h


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Federal officials postponed the sentencing of George “Chris” Ortloff for another five months as his defense attorney picks through items contained in the pre-sentencing investigation.

The former state Parole Board member was scheduled to be sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to online enticement of minors on Christmas Eve last year.

Ortloff is facing a minimum sentence of 10 years in jail and a maximum penalty of life in prison, with a $250,000 fine.

His sentencing was postponed at the request of Ortloff’s lawyer, and federal officials complied.

U.S. District Attorney Thomas Spina said there is no need to rush Ortloff’s sentencing, since he is already incarcerated.

“If they want more time that’s fine,” he said Monday. “The public is safe.”

Spina said the postponement will allow Ortloff’s defense team to question parts of the pre-sentencing investigation. This probe will be used by the judge to determine Ortloff’s sentence.

Andrew Safranko, Ortloff’s defense attorney, could not be reached for comment Monday.

In pleading guilty, Ortloff admitted to arranging a sexual encounter with two girls ages 11 and 12 at a Colonie hotel.

When he was arrested, police found that he had vibrators, condoms and lubricant, according to court documents.

Ortloff was initially ordered held without bail following his arrest in October 2008. But when he abruptly pleaded guilty, he was released from jail on $100,000 bail and on the condition that he wear a transponder.

The postponement of Ortloff’s sentencing is the third so far this year. He was originally scheduled to be sentenced in April, when he surrendered to the U.S. Marshal Service in Albany and began serving..

But the sentencing date was moved back until August at the request of Safranko, who raised several issues with the pre-sentencing investigation.

The sentencing was also postponed in August, although the reason for the delay wasn’t immediately clear.

Ortloff represented the 110th Assembly District from 1986 until 2006 and was an outspoken proponent of stricter penalties for sex offenders.

Gov. George Pataki appointed him to a $102,000-per-year position on the Parole Board, where he interviewed inmates before voting on whether to authorize their release.

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