Fulton County residents save with drug program

Fulton County residents saved $198,365 in 2009 using the county’s discount drug card program, accord

Fulton County residents saved $198,365 in 2009 using the county’s discount drug card program, according to a report released by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

Residents in Fulton County saved an average of $25.26 per drug purchase using the ProAct discount drug cards in 2009, up from average savings of $19.10 per drug purchase in 2008. Last year, the cards saved residents about 11 percent off the price of brand name drugs and 62 percent for generic drugs. In 2008 they saved 12 percent on brand drugs and 54 percent on generic drugs.

It’s been two years since Fulton County agreed to partner with ProAct, a pharmacy benefit management company, based in Liverpool, Onondaga County. ProAct acts as a wholesale buyer with pharmaceutical companies and then profits from commission charges when residents use the ProAct cards to purchase drugs.

The ProAct discount cards in Fulton County reduce the cost of drugs not covered by a resident’s medical insurance, if they have any. Residents without medical insurance can use the cards to get discounts on any prescription drugs.

Total savings were up $55,832 from the first year of the program when residents saved $142,533.

Fulton County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Greg Fagan said he was pleased with the results of the program.

“The county’s discount program statistics indicate that residents are being helped. We hope our participation continues to cut costs for area families,” he said.

The Board of Supervisors on Nov. 23 voted to extend the county’s contract with ProAct for this year.

According to Tuesday’s report, county residents used the discount cards 4,212 times in 2009, up from 4,079 the first year of the program. Monthly uses of the cards hit a high of 430 in May 2008 but has since tapered off to an average of about 351 uses per month in 2009. The highest monthly usage in 2009 was 368 times in September and the lowest was 331 times in August.

County officials said any Fulton County resident regardless of age or income can participate in the discount program and one card can be used for all family members. The program has no cost for county taxpayers. Officials encourage residents with questions about the program to all ProAct’s help desk at 1-877-776-2285.

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