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Dog granted order of protection against Schenectady man

The man accused of killing two dogs and maiming another in arguments with his wife now must stay awa

The man accused of killing two dogs and maiming another in arguments with his wife now must stay away from his wife, as well as the surviving dog, prosecutors said Friday.

Thomas Hendricks, 28, of 122 Front St., was charged Tuesday with three counts of felony aggravated cruelty to animals.

He appeared in court Friday with local attorney John Della Ratta but told Judge Christine Clark he had retained a private attorney from Utica.

During Friday’s appearance, Clark granted a prosecution request to expand an order of protection in the case. Hendricks now not only must stay away from his wife, but also Carmella, the toy poodle he is accused of scalding.

Prosecutor Jessica Lorusso said later that changes to the law in recent years allow for expansion of orders of protection to cover companion animals.

Hendricks is accused of drowning and choking one dog to death last month; beating another to death with a pool stick Jan. 24; and scalding Carmella severely Jan. 12.

The attacks on the dogs were all the result of Hendricks‘ actions in response to arguments with his wife, police said.

Hendricks has been free on $2,500 bail since late Tuesday. He left court afterward flashing an obscene gesture to a news photographer.

Lorusso said Friday that she hopes to argue for increased bail.

The arguments could not be made Friday because Hendricks’ hired attorney, Les Lewis, of Utica, could not be present. Clark postponed the case until Feb. 11. Lewis could not be reached for comment later.

Generally, with bail already set, attorneys must show a significant change in situation for a judge to alter that bail.

Lorusso said Friday she believes that significant change in situation exists. She declined to elaborate, deferring to the Feb. 11 court date.

Hendricks previously was sentenced to a year in jail, after admitting to weapons and menacing related charges in 2007, records show.

Hendricks was then accused of displaying a gun in a threatening manner March 14, 2007, records show.

Hendricks was first arrested Monday on a misdemeanor menacing charge. An investigation ensued and the felony animal cruelty charges came Tuesday.

His wife’s first dog, a long-haired dachshund named Beary, was killed sometime in the second week of December, she told investigators. Police said Hendricks held Beary with her nose and mouth directly under running water, all the while squeezing the dog to death, according to papers.

Beary’s remains were found in a back shed at 122 Front St.

Then on Jan. 12, Hendricks allegedly attacked the toy poodle, Carmella. Hendricks allegedly held the dog under scalding hot water, causing the dog to suffer severe burning to her legs and hind area. Hendricks also allegedly pulled hair out of the dogs’ legs.

Carmella survived and is staying with the woman, police said.

The third dog, another long-haired dachshund named Fudge, was beaten to death Sunday morning, police said. Hendricks allegedly hit it with a pool stick, snapping the stick in half in the process.

Lorusso confirmed Friday that Fudge’s remains have not been found.

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