Cable call center adds 170 positions

New York’s largest cable provider will double the work force at its outbound call center in Albany b

New York’s largest cable provider will double the work force at its outbound call center in Albany between now and summer, adding 170 new jobs, the company said Wednesday.

“There’s not a lot of folks making announcements like this,” said John Quigley, regional vice president for operations for New York City-based Time Warner Cable. Hiring began in January and Time Warner plans to have enough workers by June, bringing its total employees at the call center to more than 300. The company employs 1,000 people in the Albany area and 10,000 statewide.

The part-time jobs will have hourly commission-based pay for up to 20 hours a week; full-time pay will also be commission-based.

“We don’t typically give out the exact wages because it fluctuates based on the person’s experience, their job history and the particular job itself,” said Doug Fall, regional director of the outbound center.

The 120 part-time jobs and 50 full-time jobs are a response to growing demand for cable TV, Internet and digital phone products and efforts to “enhance the customer experience” with better service, according to Quigley. The center serves customers in upstate New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and will focus on appointment follow-ups, product sales and customer outreach.

“In 2009, Time Warner Cable surpassed 100 HD channels, added PowerBoost to Roadrunner High Speed Internet and made StartOver available on 90 channels. In 2009, we also provided 483 million Video On Demand orders and utilized StartOver more than 54 million times,” Quigley said. “It’s really something the customer is telling us they want more and more.”

Time Warner will spend this year adding more high definition channels and channels with the StartOver feature, Quigley also said.

Time Warner earlier this year also announced it was raising its cable service rates. However, rates for basic broadcast cable, high-speed Internet and telephone service remained unchanged. Many consumers saw a rate boost on their January statements ranging from $2 to $7, depending on the programming package.

People interested in applying for the jobs can fill out an application at Applicants should search for positions under location “Albany” and the keyword of “Outbound,” the company said.

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