Aiezza-DeCrescente advance to Huck Finn doubles semifinals

One of the best male bowlers and one of the top female competitors in the Capital Region are not onl

One of the best male bowlers and one of the top female competitors in the Capital Region are not only engaged to be married, but are also quickly becoming a premier doubles tandem.

Lee Aiezza, winner of several area scratch tournaments, including the Joe Donato Scratch Singles, and his fiancé, left-hander Jessica DeCrescente, who has a national high-average title to her credit, qualified for the next Huck Finn/Northeast Bowling Proprietors of New York “Capital Region Bowling Show.” They have teamed up in the past to qualify for a mixed doubles show, but this is the first time they earned a spot in a regular doubles format.

“I told Lee that, from now on, I’m not going to be his backup doubles partner,” said DeCrescente with a smile. “He and I are going to bowl together from now on.”

“She bowled incredibly well,” said Aiezza. “In fact, she’s been bowling very well lately. She had a great look today, and she took full advantage.”

“I found out what was wrong with my game lately,” said DeCrescente. “So I lengthened the span on my ball.”

This will be DeCrescente’s third appearance on the Huck Finn “Capital Region Bowling Show.” Besides the mixed doubles show, she also made a Huck Finn women’s-only singles show.

Aiezza, who has spent time on the regional tour, will be making his fifth appearance on the show. He has one singles title on his resume.

Joining Aiezza and DeCrescente after qualifying at Olympic Lanes Sunday will be Steve Rock and Barry Brockway of Hudson Falls, Gary Bingham of Brainard with Rick Mochrie Jr. of Clifton Park and Clay Reiniger Sr. and Clay Reiniger Jr. of Nassau.


Qualifiers — Saturday: Ed Lamb-Tom Chenaille 1,892, Clay Reiniger Sr.-Clay Rein­iger Jr. 1,872. Sunday: Lee Aiezza (980)-Jessica DeCrescente (952) 1,932, Dan White (986)-Mike Lichtstein (926) 1,912, Gary Bingham (898)-Rick Mochrie Jr. (984) 1,882, Barry Brockway (956)-Steve Rock (908) 1,864, Jeff Zielonko (864)-Steve Horton (932) 1,796, Mark Huerter (872)-Jason Horan (907) 1,779, John DiMarco (906)-Al Waschak (848) 1,754, Russ Hunter (862)-T.R. Milette (884) 1746, Rick Bogholtz (872)-Scott Zalud (874) 1,746, Chip Tashjian (889)-Tom DiBell (854) 1,743, Craig Schoonmaker (847)-Mark Taylor (896) 1,743.

Two-game rolloff — Aiezza-DeCrescente 557, White-Lichtstein 475, Huerter-Horan 470, Bigham-Mochrie 469, Schoonmaker-Taylor 461, Brockway-Rock 455, Reiniger-Reiniger 438, Tashjian-DiBell 420.

Quarterfinals — Aiezza-DeCrescente def. Tashjian-DiBell 523-418; Bingham-

Mochrie def. Schoonmaker-Taylor, 531-389; Brockway-Rock def. Huerter-Horan, 457-417; Reiniger-Reiniger def. White-Lichtstein, 515-475.

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