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New CSEA units form from Schenectady’s Local 847

The state CSEA has split Local 847 into two new bargaining units, a year after dissolving it amid al

The state CSEA has split Local 847 into two new bargaining units, a year after dissolving it amid allegations of fiscal improprieties and following the arrest of union leader Steve Raucci.

CSEA Local 1000 is also wrapping up disciplinary hearings against former officers of Local 847 and plans to announce the outcome of its action within weeks, said CSEA official Michael Campon. Local 847 represented more than 1,000 employees within Schenectady County.

Campon said Local 886, consisting of former Local 847 employees from the towns, the Schenectady City School District and the Burnt Hills School District, Schenectady City Hall and the Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority, recently held elections for officers and is up and running.

Other former Local 847 members have been formed into another new unit, called Local 885. It consists of county employees in the County Office Building, the county Highway Department, the Schenectady Job Training Agency, the public library system, Schenectady County Community College and the Department of Social Services.

Three subunits — those representing county office, library and highway — have elected officers. “People at the college, DSS and SJTA are subject to disciplinary charges. That is internal, but it is coming to a head,” Campon said. If found guilt of violating CSEA rules and regulations, the officers could be expelled from the union, he said.

Campon said the CSEA will shortly disclose the disciplinary charges and outcome to members of these subunits and conduct elections of officers. “We have been hesitant to discuss the charges until they are resolved,” he said.

CSEA Local 1000 began investigating former Local 847 in November 2008 and put its executive board and its eight units into administratorship in March 2009. It took action after receiving allegations and complaints filed by Local 847 officers about each others’ conduct in October 2008.

Executive board officers at the time included Raucci and Joanne DeSarbo. Raucci was also president of the subunit representing CSEA workers within the Schenectady City School District. DeSarbo was Local 847 president prior to her removal.

The CSEA said Raucci’s arrest in February also played a role in its placing Local 847 into administratorship.

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