In the Pocket: Diamond has been model of consistency

Jamie Diamond’s rare combin­ation of power and consistency has landed him a spot in the United State

Jamie Diamond’s rare combin­ation of power and consistency has landed him a spot in the United States Bowling Congress record book.

Diamond rolled his 95th consecutive 200 game Saturday night in the Vitalo Open Classic league at Sportsman’s Bowl. He broke the national record of 92 held by Ray Buck of Grand Rapids, Mich.

And his incredible streak is still alive.

“I didn’t really know about the streak until three weeks ago,” said the Schoharie native, who lives in Berne. “I knew I had something going, and I remember seeing Rit Szczepanski’s record of 88 straight 200s a few years ago. I had another streak of my own with something like 70 200s in a row last year. But this feels really good.”

Although scoring averages in the modern era are up considerably, Diamond admitted that hitting the 200 mark night in and night out — without a miss — is quite an achievement, especially for a power bowler who can leave his share of splits from time to time.

“It’s really tougher than it sounds,” he said. “You can get a couple of opens here and there, and that makes it tougher to get to the 200 mark. If you leave a few 10-pins, then you’ve got to put a few strikes together to make up for it. I know it’s a league shot, and it’s not that tough compared to a tournament shot, but we all have our off days. It’s not that easy to keep shooting 200s in every game every week.”

Diamond, a 39-year-old righty, said he usually plays the same shot at Sportsman’s every Saturday night.

“The shot’s been good over there for a few years now, and I just try to go with the shot and take what I can get,” he said. “I usually play the 17th or 18th board to start out, and then I usually have to move in and play about the 21st board later in the night.”

He said he mostly uses Hammer equipment, and has been switching between the Jigsaw and the Burn this year.

“I don’t switch balls for spares. I just flatten my hand out,” he said.”

Diamond has 58 perfect games and more than 40 800 triples on his bowling resume. He and his left-handed brother, Jay, are among the national leaders for brother combinations in both categories. He also has three Northern Bowlers Association titles to his credit, including two doubles titles with his brother.

“We’ve also made some Huck Finn doubles shows together, but we’ve never won,” he said.

“Jay and I have bowled together for a long time. We started out together in the Schoharie junior bowling program, but I went for a long time when I didn’t bowl. After Alan’s Alleys [in Cobleskill] flooded a few years back, I went for six or seven years without bowling. But Jay got me back into it. He kept bowling the entire time, and he convinced me to come back and try Dick Peckham’s no-tap tournaments. Eventually, we both started getting back into the scratch leagues together, and it’s worked out great.”

A lifelong New York Yankees fan who always wears either a Yankee hat or T-shirt when he bowls, Diamond also competes in the City League at Towne Bowling Academy. In that league, the Diamonds bowl on the same team, as do another outstanding righty-lefty brother tandem, Dave and Gary Bingham.

“That’s a blast when we and the Binghams bowl together every Monday night,” Diamond said.

His work schedule prevents him from bowling in as many tourn­aments as he would like.

“I’m a mechanic for a living. I work on cars and trucks for Goldstein Chrysler Plymouth,” he said. “I pretty much work six days a week, and with only one night off, I want to spend time with my 11-year-old daughter, Allison. She comes with me and watches me bowl on Saturday nights. She kind of likes bowling, but she’s not that much into it.”

Diamond said if he keeps his consecutive 200-game streak going for the next few weeks in the Vitalo league, he’ll come back next year to try to extend it. Otherwise, he and his brother may leave the league to invest more time to tournaments.

“We only have so much time to devote to bowling,” he said.

Veteran league secretary Dave Mennillo is hoping both Diamonds will stay.

“Jamie has been absolutely phenomenal since he started bowling in the Vitalo league eight years ago. I’ve bowled with Skip Vigars Jr. for the last 30 years, and I’ve watched him set every record imaginable in this league,” Mennillo said. “If Jamie continues to stay in this league, he’ll lead the league in everything. He already has 11 ind­ividual league records, and it’s been a pleasure to watch him bowl.”


The Western Diner Northern Bowlers Association’s Bob Guild Memorial Championship is set for Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at Del Lanes.

The season-ending championship will pay $1,100 on top, and 16 bowlers will cash, based on 60 entries. There are 74 bowlers — with at least three tournament credits — who are eligible to compete in Sunday’s championship.

The prize breakdown for the top spots will be $1,100 for first, $600 for second, $410 for third, $340 for fourth and $280 for fifth. The last cash spot will be worth $80.

Also at stake is the Cuby Cup, a season-long point chase named after Cuby Fiorillo, who started the original NBA.

Following are the updated Cuby Cup standings: Mike Drexel 530, Bob Faragon 430, Jeff Voght 380, Dave Frascatore 310, Joe Mazuryk 300, Dan Keenan 285, Nick Miseno Jr. 285, Jeff Young 280, Kyle Haines 255, Nick Galusha 235, Bob DiNuzzo 230, Bob Kavanaugh 205, R.J. Martinez 200, Warren Guernsey 200, Gene Speenburgh 190, Alex Weglarz 180, Nunzi Manuli 180, Steve Wagoner 180, Jason Brown 175, Bill Pulver 170, Sonny Dorstek 170, Matt Sherman 160 and Russ Hunter 160.


— The 77th annual Schenectady USBC Bowling Association City Championship continues this weekend with 2 p.m. squads both Saturday and Sunday. Call Sportsman’s Bowl at 355-4330 for more information.

— Boulevard Bowl hosts the 15th annual Blizzard Bowl Sunday at 11:45 a.m. Top prize for the team event is $2,000. There are also optional singles and doubles events available. Entry fee for the team event is $60 per four-person squad. Call Boulevard at 374-4171 for more information.

— Qualifying for the Huck Finn/Northeast Bowling Proprietors of New York’s Jack Scaccia Sr. Mem­orial Championship, to be held May 2 at Town ‘n Country Lanes, begins Saturday at Alpha Lanes in Troy, and continues April 24 at Town ‘n Country Lanes and April 25 at Boulevard Bowl. Top prize will be $4,000. Only bowlers with at least six tournament credits are eligible. There are about 125 bowlers currently eligible.

— Warren Guernsey of Ballston Lake was the top local finisher in the PBA East Region Roto Grip regional at Hoe Bowl in Catskill. Guernsey finished 13th, and earned $630. Other locals who cashed include Karl Wolf of Saratoga Springs ($425), Brian LeClair of Athens ($425), Bob Kavanaugh of Clifton Park ($400), Jeff Voght of Can­ajoharie ($400) and Tom Yadanza of Saratoga Springs ($200).

— Ursula Pasquerella (645 triple) won the open division in the annual Schenectady-Scotia 500 Club Singles tournament last weekend at Towne Bowling Academy. Rita Sparks (657) was the A division champion, Bonnie Arbitrio (696) won the B division and Virginia Wickham (740) took the C div­ision.

— Team Blonde (Linda Cortese, Marianne Hogle and Lola Cole) won the Monday’s Funnies league at Sportsman’s Bowl.

— The annual Schenectady-Scotia USBC Bowling Association awards banquet will be held May 25 at the Rotterdam Elks Lodge. Tickets will be on sale at the City Tourn­ament for $17. All tickets must be purchased in advance. Contact Flo Dufek at 877-8684.

— Jack Harrington, who carries a 155 average, rolled a 689 triple, including games of 199, 233 and 257, in the St. Joseph’s A.C. league.

— Casey Stock collected his first 900 four-game series (961) in the Burnt Hills Saturday morning classic. He also shot a first-three 724.

— Marion Mogavero, who has a 104 average, rolled a 200 game in the Sportsman’s Senior Mixed league.

— Spare Time Clifton Park will host the Empire State Junior Gold Qualifier Sunday at 11 a.m. At stake will be a berth in the Junior Gold Nationals. Entry fee is $55. There is a $5 processing fee for walk-ins. There will be male and female div­isions. Bowlers will roll six games, moving pairs every game. Call tournament director Chris Martinek at 459-7806 or 859-5691 for more information.

— Hudson Valley Community College is among 16 men’s teams competing in the USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships this weekend. in El Paso, Texas.

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