Man charged after allegedly waving knife during Saratoga brawl

The man who allegedly waved a knife during a St. Patrick's Day brawl was charged today.

The man who allegedly waved a knife during a St. Patrick’s Day brawl was charged today.

Brian Robinson, 24, of 4 East Ridge was charged with one misdemeanor count of menacing.

Police said Robinson fought with numerous people during the 4:30 a.m. March 18 fight on Caroline Street and on Henry Street. He allegedly waved the knife and lunged at Kevin Carroll and other people.

Police said Carroll and the other people in the fight feared for their lives.

The fight eventually led to a fatal hit-and-run accident where Travis Carroll hit 27-year-old Ryan Rossley with his car and fled the scene. Authorities had said Travis Carroll’s father was with him that night, but it is not known whether Kevin Carroll is the father.

Carroll pled guilty to felony manslaughter in connection with Rossley’s death. The other passenger in Carroll’s car, Jeffrey Hampshire, was indicted in Saratoga County Court on Monday for allegedly helping Carroll fix his windshield to conceal evidence.

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