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Duanesburg girl, 10, posts impressive time in 500-meter swim race

Alexandra Dixon is currently one of the fastest 10-year-old swimmers in the nation.

Alexandra Dixon is currently one of the fastest 10-year-old swimmers in the nation.

The fifth-grader’s 500-yard freestyle performance at a Union College IMX distance swim meet in January makes her the fastest girl swimmer of her age.

Alexandra marked a time of 5:31.9. According to statistics from USA Swimming, only 17 other 10-year-olds in the United States have achieved a time as fast in previous years.

“My wife and I think it’s great,” said Alexandra’s father, Walt. “She is definitely motivated.”

Alexandra began swimming when she was 5 and continued with the Mohonasen Swim Club for several years. However, the first time she tried out she didn’t make it. She’s now swimming with the Duanesburg Area Community Center’s Electric Eels swim team founded by her mother, Jenn.

She practices five days a week and attends swim camp each summer. This summer vacation she will spend two weeks at the University of Texas swim camp. She also plays soccer in the fall and has participated in eight triathlons since 2007.

Alexandra said she doesn’t mind practicing all of the time because all of her friends swim as well. Her dad explained she swims every stroke, but freestyle is her best.

“It’s exciting,” Alexandra said of her record. “My goal is to one day be in the Olympics.” She admires Dara Torres — winner of 12 Olympic medals since 1984 for her freestyle and butterfly strokes. Alexandra hopes to meet her one day.

She said she will continue to do community swim meets but hopes to join the Schalmont school’s swim team when she gets to seventh grade.

Her teammates think her record is pretty great too. Thirteen Eels participated in the Union College event with Alexandra.

The following swimmers took spots in the top six for their age group along with her: Sam Rokos, Evan Goodspeed, John Mosier, Rebecca Nelson, Kamryn Paige and Cameron Goodspeed.

Evan Goodspeed and Alexandra were each awarded first place for their age group.

Alexandra said she continues to swim, play soccer and compete in triathlons with her friends because she “likes the competition.”

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