Carver fined for permit violations in Middleburgh

Mining company Carver Sand & Gravel was fined $15,000 for ignoring several permit requirements an


Mining company Carver Sand & Gravel was fined $15,000 for ignoring several permit requirements and causing runoff into a pond and a stream.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation suspended $5,000 of the total fines levied, following inspections at the Masick Quarry off state Route 30 in Middleburgh, according to a consent order dated March 8.

Company President Carver Laraway could not be reached for comment last week.

The mine, which produces agricultural lime and limestone, doesn’t have a current permit because it expired in March 2009, but the company is applying for a new one and requesting a 37-acre expansion of the site.

The new consent order represents the second time the company was fined after inspections at its sites in Schoharie County.

The company faced as much as $42,500 in fines after a May 2010 inspection revealed a stormwater settling basin at Carver’s 36-acre sand and gravel mine off Clauverwie Road, also in Middleburgh, was spewing cloudy water into the Schoharie Creek.

According to mine inspection records, DEC officials surveyed the Masick Quarry on November 30, 2010, and found several areas where the company was dumping overburden — unused material dug up during mining — outside the mine’s boundaries.

The inspector, Allan Hewitt, said in the report the pile of spoils was too steep and eroding, and “there was a sedimentation delta/plume in the adjacent pond.”

Inspectors found a ditch along the eastern edge of the pile dumped outside the mine’s boundary that was “filled with sediment all the way to the receiving stream,” to the south of the area, Hewitt said in the inspection report.

Other areas of the site were not covered with topsoil and vegetation as required by the DEC, according to the report.

The inspection revealed a total of eight violations, including failing to replace topsoil from stripped land, failure to vegetate areas of the mine and failing to prevent discharge of mine waters.

The company also did not maintain records of sampling discharges from the mine site for suspended solids, pH and other solids, according to the consent order.

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