Happy, happy, happy Mother’s Day: Ballston Lake family eager to bring triplets home

Pam Krolak is getting one of the best Mother’s Day gifts a mom could ask for.

Pam Krolak is getting one of the best Mother’s Day gifts a mom could ask for.

Her 2-week-old triplets, Brooklyn, Amelia and Braeden, are scheduled to go home this Sunday from Ellis Hospital’s Bellevue Women’s Center in Niskayuna. Their family, including dad Jason and 4-year-old big sister Molly, are elated.

“We didn’t expect them to be coming home so quickly,” said Pam.

The triplets were born prematurely on April 24 with few complications and have been in the center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Their parents were “shocked and amazed” to learn they were having three more children instead of the planned one, but multiples run on both sides of the family.

Because of the news, the Krolaks had to buy a new vehicle, since three car seats wouldn’t fit in the back of their van. They now own a Toyota Sequoia SUV, which Molly calls her “movie theater” because of the television in the back.

“Though we’re not too happy about it now that gas is $4 a gallon,” said Jason.

Big sister Molly was excited when she heard the news of the babies, exclaiming, “Now there’ll be one for each of us!”

However, Pam and Jason did not take Molly’s name suggestions for her new siblings. She asked to name her sisters and brother either Nick, Sally and Cat in the Hat or Belle, Ariel and King, from her favorite Dr. Seuss and Disney movies.

When the babies were born, Molly kissed each newborn, sang them the “ABC song” and then gave them each a stuffed animal she selected from the gift shop.

Lori Metzgar, the nursery’s nurse manager, said the three newborns’ personalities are already showing.

She called Amelia “spunky” and a “fighter,” most likely because she’s the smallest. Braeden wakes up before his two sisters and is ready to go in the morning, while Brooklyn takes her time and is calmer than the others.

Mom said she’s glad the triplets weren’t her first pregnancy, so she knew more of what to expect.

“I would have been a nervous wreck,” she said.

Pam also said that this time around, she knows the triplets don’t need the best and newest of every baby contraption. The family is willing to be more thrifty to cut down on costs.

“We made our first purchase on eBay the other day,” a stroller, said Jason.

The Krolaks said they’ve now completed their family, are happy and can’t wait to get the kids home. However, Molly is not satisfied.

“You have to have 69 more babies,” she told her mother. When Pam said that was too many, she dropped the number down to 68 more.

“She just wants us to use her names,” said Jason.

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