An animal lover turns dream into reality

I have always been one of those girls who can’t sit down and watch the world go by. I love helping a

I have always been one of those girls who can’t sit down and watch the world go by. I love helping animals and I want to make a difference in the world. One autumn night I couldn’t fall asleep because I had an idea. An idea that was so unbelievable I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Now that very same idea I am doing at my own school. The plan was to have a pet food drive. It is just like the food drive for humans but instead you give animal toys, food, blankets and more. I always thought when you have an event that the students would be even more motivated if there was a reward for the class who brings in the most supplies. To raise the money for this reward I am selling T-shirts at my school. My father (Charlie DeZolt) owns a promotional product business that makes T-shirts and he chose to donate 100 percent of the profits to my fundraising cause. Then, I told him what I wanted on the T-shirt and he had a professional logo designer make the design.

Before I thought of what I was going to do next I had to get permission from the superintendent and principals at the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District. When I told the superintendent, Mr. Tomlinson, my idea he thought it was wonderful and was proud of me that I had the courage to talk to him. Then, I had to go to the primary, intermediate and middle school to talk to each of the principals. After I talked to the principals and got everything approved, I went to the Animal Lovers Club leader (Mrs. Sengenberger) and asked if the members would like to be a part of the project and they eagerly accepted.

Ever since then I have been making order forms for the T-shirts and have more people to help me organize the event. Mrs. Sullivan, a second-grade teacher at Broadalbin-Perth, is helping me collect the supplies and also giving each student in pre-school through eighth grade take-home sheets to inform students about the animal food drive.

This caring event (was to) happen in the beginning of April and will help many animals. In the future, I am planning to help animals even more. This adventure all started with a seventh-grade girl, a dream and a passion for animals.

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