Protecting diplomats an important, interesting job

My uncle, Special Agent Scott Papadopoulos, is a Diplomatic Secret Service agent. His job is so impo

My uncle, Special Agent Scott Papadopoulos, is a Diplomatic Secret Service agent. His job is so important because American and foreign diplomats need protectors. Diplomats deal with relations with other countries and would not be able to do their jobs without their safety being protected.

In Scott’s job he has met a lot of famous people like President George Bush, President Bill Clinton, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and more. During the 10 years he was an agent, he often protected former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

To be a Secret Service agent you have to have a four-year college degree and have to pass the medical requirements. You also have to know how to use 20 different types of guns. The reason is they can’t carry all their guns when they go to another country. In cars they always have an Uzi submachine gun on their lap. When they go into a room they have special devices like explosive detection equipment, X-ray machines and more.

I asked Scott, “What got you interested in being in the Secret Service?” He said, “I liked the idea of being a police officer and traveling. But I didn’t want to wear a uniform.”

Scott has traveled all over Europe, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Sweden and even Switzerland. He also went into war zones like the Balkans and Kosovo. You have to have six months of law enforcement and diplocatic security training. Also, if they assign you to a specific country, you have to have four months of language training. When Scott travels to another country, he works closely with that country’s police departments.

While my uncle was protecting Madeleine Albright he flew to an aircraft carrier named the USS Constellation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They landed on the deck of the ship. They stayed onboard for two days. During those two days Scott had dinner with the admiral. The next day they had a catapult takeoff. A catapult takeoff is like a slingshot, but much bigger.

Maybe one day when I grow up I can be in the Secret Service. It sounds like a good job. You get to meet and protect important people like the president. I hope I can be in the Secret Service one day.

Steven Krumpholz is a fourth-grader at Okte Elementary School

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