Capital Region Scrapbook: Beat the heat or take a seat? (with photo gallery)

During the hot summer of '60, the Woodlawn Park swimming pool was so popular that boys and girls wer

Boys’ night out means carousing.

In 1960, boys’ day in meant cannonballs.

The guys were at Schenectady’s Woodlawn Park swimming pool on Kings Road. High heat was in town for summer, and the free swimming pool attracted dozens of water fans.

The crowds were too large. Because so many boys and girls suited up for the cold stuff, Woodlawn supervisors adopted a rule. Boys were allowed cannonball splashes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Girls were in the swim on another three days in the week. Adults were allowed dips during brief afternoon periods.

So while the 1960s were big for girl watchers on the radio, Woodlawn guys — and Woodlawn girls — had to find other summer places for playful peeks at each other.

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