Five vehicles damaged in Schenectady accident

One car flips on its roof, but no serious injuries reported.

One car flipped on its roof and a total of five vehicles were damaged in an accident this afternoon downtown.

No serious injuries were reported in the accident, but the driver of the rolled car was taken to Ellis Hospital for evaluation. She was wearing a seat belt and was out of the car when paramedics arrived.

She also responded appropriately to questions, Fire Chief Michael Della Rocco said.

The accident happened just after 1 p.m. at the corner of Union and Lafayette streets.

One car ended up on its roof, hitting a parked car and a parked beer delivery truck west of Lafayette. Both parked vehicles sustained minor damage.

A second moving vehicle, an SUV, hit a parked vehicle on Union Street, resulting in minor damage.

The car that ended up on its roof was driving west on Union Street when the second car pulled out from a parking spot, clipping the car in the travel lane, causing it to swerve and land on its roof, Schenectady Police spokesman Captain Peter Frisoni said.

Della Rocco was among the first at the scene. Just leaving a meeting at City Hall, he and Captain Doug Faulisi responded the couple blocks to the scene.

The chief was also among the first to speak with the driver of the flipped car.

“She was able to describe what happened,” Della Rocco said. “But she didn’t seem to be really sure exactly what happened.”

In addition to the damage from being on its top, yellow paint could also be seen on its passenger side, from rolling over the recently painted yellow center road lines.

One of the parked cars hit is owned by local resident Amanda Taber, 23.

Taber said she lives nearby, but didn’t hear the accident. A neighbor recognized her car and alerted her.

“My car just has a little dent on it, that’s all,” Taber said. “But I feel really bad for that person because I’ve been through that before.”

Union Street between Lafayette and Clinton streets was shut down this afternoon as the accident was cleaned up.

The accident itself remained under investigation.

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