Schenectady County

Schenectady wins with best tasting water in the county

"We are proud and honored," said Joe Davis, water operations supervisor for the city.

The city of Schenectady won the 2011 Best Tasting Drinking Water Competition for Schenectady County today, beating the village of Scotia by three votes.

“We are very proud and honored,” said Joe Davis, the water operations supervisor for the city of Schenectady. “It’s tough competition.”

Approximately 55 people voted at the booth held at the Schenectady Farmers Market after tasting samples from the towns of Niskayuna, Rotterdam and Princetown as well the city of Schenectady and the village of Scotia.

Water drinkers ranked their top two favorite samples, and each first-place vote was granted two points and each second-place was granted one point.

Schenectady will now move on to the regional competition and if it wins that, they will move onto the state competition to be held at the New York State Fair at the end of August.

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