Gloversville council stalls vote on water service for town home

Common Council members continue to have questions about how the new city/town revenue-sharing agreem

Common Council members continue to have questions about how the new city/town revenue-sharing agreement applies to residential development in the town of Johnstown, causing them to table a measure to approve water service to a new home.

The council, called to a special meeting Friday afternoon to approve the first water connection under terms of the new tax-sharing agreement, voted instead to postpone discussion until its July 12 work session.

Owners of a new home on Lake Avenue in the town are anxious to move in and need the water service, Mayor Dayton King said.

Under terms of the tax-sharing agreement, the city reaps 60 percent of property tax revenue and the town 40 percent. The agreement applies to new construction in the town spurred by the availability of city water and sewer services.

But Robinson said the joint revenue-sharing committee consisting of both city and town officials focused on commercial development and failed to address some issues of residential construction.

“We have to get the revenue-sharing committee back together,” Robinson said.

City officials have always been reluctant to extend city services to town development posing a threat to the vitality of the city.

Councilwoman Ellen Anadio, R-4th Ward, said the contract signed by the two municipalities set up a joint review board to examine projects. She said it has yet to be formed.

“There is a procedure in place; let’s follow procedure,” she said. Anadio said she asked King to delay calling Friday’s special meeting.

King said last week the new home is the first to qualify under the new agreement and he was anxious to gain authorization for the water connection for the good of both the revenue-sharing agreement and the new homeowners.

King and town Supervisor Jack Wilson could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

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