Area Stock Car Racing: Johnson takes modified title

The “Night of

Features” at Fonda Speedway has been a tradition for 15 years, started when Ri

The “Night of

Features” at Fonda Speedway has been a tradition for 15 years, started when Ric Lucia took over the reigns as promoter at the “Track of Champions.”

The format includes double

features for the top three div­isions, bringing added pressure to the drivers, but excitement for the fans.

Capturing 2011 track championships were Ronnie Johnson (mod­ified), Mark Mortensen (602 sportsman), Rocky Warner (pro stock), Cassidy Wilson (street stock) and Ben Righi (four cylinders).

Danny Varin (modified), Mortensen (602 sportsman), Warner (pro stock) and Dave Horning Sr. (street stock) were the winners of the first features, while Ken Hollenbeck took the four-

cylinder feature.

The first 33-lap modified

feature event was led at the drop of the green flag by Josh Hohenforst, who started on the pole.

Johnson, going for his first track championship, went between A.J. Romano and defending track champion Bobby Varin on the second lap.

When the hole closed, Johnson got squeezed with contact made to both sides of his car, but all were able to continue.

After two caution flags, Bobby Varin went three-wide around the outside of four cars going into turn four.

Johnson and Varin were trying everything they could to gain positions to the front, as

going into the event, Varin held a one-point lead over Johnson in the points race.

Mark Kislowski, who started on the outside pole, took the lead from Hohenforst on the outside of turn two on lap eight.

On lap nine, Bobby Varin’s son, Danny, got by both Alton Palmer and Hohenforst into second pos­ition, and was right on Kislowski’s rear bumper by lap 14.

Danny Varin used the inside groove around the track to get to the front, and continued to use that line as the laps clicked off. Kislow­ski was able to get alongside Danny Varin for the lead on lap 19 at the same time that Ryan Odasz and Matt DeLorenzo were side-by-side for third, but both Varin and

Odasz were able to hold their pos­itions.

Kislowski got one more shot at Danny Varin on lap 26, after the final caution of the event, but Varin held on to take the win, followed by Kislowski, DeLorenzo, Odasz, Johnson, Elmo Reckner, Palmer, Bobby Varin, Jim Davis and Jeremy Wilder.

“I had a real good race going with Kislowski, and to be honest with you, the car wasn’t that good,”

Varin said after doing a donut

in turn four. “The car stuck real good when I was doing the

360-degree spin, but not when we were racing, but we were able to hang on for the win.”

The win for Varin came in the Magsarus Ignitions #93, and was his second of the season.

The second-feature events were won by Johnson (mod­ified), Doug Flynn (602 sportsman), Ivan Joslin (pro stock) and Wilson (street stock).

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