Thane to face Emanuele in Amsterdam mayor’s race

Amsterdam 4th Ward Alderman William Wills got knocked out of the race for mayor Tuesday, leaving a c

Amsterdam 4th Ward Alderman William Wills got knocked out of the race for mayor Tuesday, leaving a contest between incumbent Democrat Mayor Ann Thane and her predecessor, Republican Joseph Emanuele III.

Wills lost the Conservative primary to Emanuele, 34-4, and the Democratic primary to Thane, 391-308.

“I had a good 24 years of elective service for the residents of the 4th Ward, which I’m proud of,” Wills said late Tuesday. “It was an honor to serve them.”

In a pair of primaries in the city controller’s race, absentee ballots may determine the outcome of the Democratic primary. Ronald G. Wierzbicki received 347 votes, while Manfred Phemister had 336 votes. There were 57 Democratic absentee ballots to be counted.

Meanwhile, unofficial tallies show incumbent Controller Heather Reynicke lost the Republican line to opponent Matthew A. Agresta, 263-122.

In the city’s 4th Ward, there were more Republican absentee ballots still to be counted than the total number of votes cast at the polls in that party’s primary to replace Wills on the Common Council. Diane M. Hatzenbuhler received 28 votes and Christina Lajeunesse garnered 18 votes, but there are 48 absentee ballots.

Absentee ballots will likely decide the victor in the Republican primary for Charleston town justice, as well. Incumbent Jean A. Walters earned 73 votes to challenger Brenda A. Hayner’s 69 votes. There were six absentee ballots outstanding. Meanwhile, incumbent Town Clerk/Tax Collector Diane C. Ferguson won the Republican line with 87 votes to Deborah A. Rickard’s 54.

In St. Johnsville, Jeffrey A. Doxtater was the apparent victor for the Democratic line in the race for highway superintendent. Doxtater earned 62 votes, while Darin R. Battisti and John Howard Swartz earned 53 and 38 votes, respectively.

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