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Clifton Park Farm Fest visitors have fun, learn

Ten-year-old Andrew Beck was worried about his little sister, who was holding a baby chick in her ha

Ten-year-old Andrew Beck was worried about his little sister, who was holding a baby chick in her hand.

“It’s pecking you,” he said.

“Because it thinks I’m food,” replied 8-year-old Laura, who was really bonding with the little creature at Predel’s Ranch on Sunday.

“She hasn’t put that chick down in the last 20 minutes,” said their mother, Stacey Beck. The Clifton Park family was making the most of their visit to the ranch, part of the 19th annual Farm Fest. They saw chickens and pigs and Laura got her face painted.

The two-day event allows people to see how they get the food that ends up at their dinner table.

Jeff Paige, an owner of Predel’s, said some children have never seen these animals up close and Farm Fest gives them a chance to learn about farming.

He said they try to make the animals feel comfortable. “To have good meat, you keep the stress off your animals,” he said.

One girl commented that the one steer looked smaller than last year. Paige explained he was just lying down.

“He lays in the mud to cool himself off,” he said.

Jen Daly of Malta said she brought her 5-year-old son Evan out to enjoy the gorgeous day and learn about agriculture.

There were also activities for the children, including crafts and horse rides.

At Riverview Orchards, diversions included cheese sampling with the Saratoga County Dairy Princess, hay rides, pumpkin carving and a pie-eating contest.

People also got a chance to pick apples at Riverview and Bowman Orchards.

The other participating farms were Double B Farm, Shepherd’s Hey Farm and Schauber Stables.

Ashley Hyde, 6, of Glenville was lucky enough to ride a pony, not once but four times at Predel’s.

She said she prefers riding ponies to horses. “Little horses don’t trip and the big horses do,” she said.

Her mother Laura said she enjoyed the fest.

“It’s a great time to meet all the farmers around the area. I drive by this place every day and don’t realize what’s here.”

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