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Water damage at Scotia-Glenville blamed on ex-contractor

Poor construction work by a former contractor caused water damage at Scotia-Glenville High School, a

Poor construction work by a former contractor caused water damage at Scotia-Glenville High School, according to school officials.

Rains from Tropical Storm Lee got into a gap in the duct work that wasn’t properly sealed by contractor WJV Mechanical of Schenectady and caused flooding in the high school library, according to Superintendent Susan Swartz.

Business Manager Andrew Giaquinto said the leaks were not necessarily related to the extremes of Lee, but would have happened with any rain.

“It was basically faulty work,” he said.

There was a little piece of the new ceiling and wall that experienced water damage. It has already been patched, according to Swartz.

Another area damaged at the high school was the technology shop room.

Swartz explained that the contractor had cut holes in the roof to install the mechanical units and placed a tarp covering over the hole. Wind blew the cover loose, allowing water to seep in and pool up in an office and the technology room. The floor became warped as a result.

The workers made a slit in the floor to flatten it down as a temporary fix until the floor is replaced.

“That all worked out beautifully,” Swartz said.

WJV, which was the school’s HVAC contractor, walked off the job in August without giving an explanation. School officials terminated their contract and hired T. Lemme Mechanical to complete the job.

The switch in contractors pushed completion of the project back about three weeks. Workers are finishing up some wiring and duct work.

“We anticipate they will be working into October,” Swartz said.

School officials anticipate that the boiler will be fired up by late September.

Swartz said the district is working with its insurance carrier to recover the cost of the damage.

The district was ready for school to open but ended up having to start one day late because flooding from the storm made some roads impassable.

An official from WJV could not be reached for comment.

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