McLoughlin Take 2: Anybody got some answers?

Let me ask you somethin’.

Let me ask you somethin’.

How can you say that politicians do not know how to create jobs in a down economy when state Senate Republicans are talking about creating a 63rd seat in the current 62-member body?

What about the guy who yelled to bin Laden, “Hey O, would it kill you to get that?”?

Have the voters no sense of humor, ousting Albany County Legislator Wanda Willingham after it was revealed that her husband got paid $45,000 over three years by a taxpayer-funded program to care for the couple’s grandchildren while Wanda is chair of the Legislature’s Social Services Committee?

Did Gary McCarthy ever come up with the Carfax on Stratton’s old Jeep?

Am I the only one who continually confuses Leon Russell with Edgar Winter?

Should we mount some sort of celebration, like maybe a chili cookoff or a parade, on the anniversary each year of the Troy voter fraud investigation until it’s completed?

Has anyone ever been able to obtain “expressed written consent” from Major League Baseball, or from any other sports league, for that matter?

Do you think Andrew Cuomo will expend as much political juice on independent redistricting as he did on the tax cap, same-sex marriage, etc., or will he hand it to the gerrymandering lawmakers as a sop, given that the voters do not really mean it when they tell pollsters that fair redistricting is very important to them?

What the hey is it with this sudden, almost impassioned interest in raising chickens inside city limits?

Were you surprised that “good guy” Joe Torre, now director of operations for Major League Baseball, was right in the thick of it when MLB refused to allow the Mets to wear NYC police and fire caps on 9/11, baseball enforcing a must-wear rule on caps from New Era, the Buffalo company that has a contract with the majors?

Does anyone else have a bad feeling that few, if any, of the current presidential candidates of any political stripe have got any clue about ending the economic funk?

Aside from the PGA pros themselves, does anyone care a rat’s patootie about — or even understand, for that matter — what the FedEx Cup is all about?

Is it possible that the state of New York itself is one of the worst offenders when it comes to access for the disabled (the Legislative Office Building at the Empire State Plaza, and I rest my case)?

If, as a society, we are able to come up with wonderful things like bubble wrap, then why cannot we devise a vending machine that accepts dollar bills with the corners folded?

Do you think that it’s a term of employment or simply their posterior-smooching personalities that renders all state bureaucrats incapable of doing an interview without mentioning in the first eight seconds what a wonderful, glorious dude is their leader, Andrew Cuomo?

How come some TV reporters find it impossible to pronounce the “Ts” in words such as “important” (yeah, like I don’t slur my words)?

That commercial for an auto insurance company where Mom and Dad have eaten their daughter’s goldfish for sushi — is that not super-creepy and not all that clever?

Why is it so difficult for the flood victims to understand: If they have hurricane coverage, then the damage was done by the flooding and their homeowners’ policies do not cover it, and vice-versa?

And speaking of the flooding, did any of those left-of-center entertainment types in New York City realize the misery upstate, all of them seeming to reference, in talk show appearances, only the problems in Vermont, where they ski and weekend?

What think you: Is Serena Williams even more mean-spirited than John McEnroe with her on-court bad behavior?

If Gov. Cuomo’s popularity numbers get any higher, will we have to marry him?

Is it possible that “popinjay” and “rhombus” are the two most fun words in the English language to say?

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