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Man draws 12 years in prison for breaking into residence

A city man convicted in July of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home was sentenced Monday to 12 ye

A city man convicted in July of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home was sentenced Monday to 12 years in state prison.

Raymond Wright, 31, formerly of Lincoln Avenue, appeared Monday before acting Schenectady County Court Judge Michael Coccoma, telling the judge he wasn’t a violent man and committed the act to protect his daughter.

The judge, though, noted that the jury didn’t buy that argument and he didn’t either.

Wright was convicted in the 2010 break-in at the Grove Place home, climbing in through a window while wearing latex gloves.

Once inside, he attacked his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, authorities said, and his ex-girlfriend also suffered an injury. Children, including Wright’s daughter with the ex-girlfriend, were in the house at the time. Wright was never charged with assault, but he was charged with and convicted of second-degree burglary.

Wright was arrested a short distance away from the home, wearing dark clothing and the gloves.

Coccoma noted the gloves in pronouncing sentence. The judge also noted that if Wright had an issue related to his daughter, the venue for that was family court.

“None of your claims that you were doing this only for your daughter hold any weight for this court,” he told Wright.

Earlier in the proceedings, prosecutor Christina Tremante-Pelham asked for the maximum, 15 years, for Wright, who has a prior violent felony conviction. She also argued that there were “absolutely no mitigating factors” in his favor.

Wright, represented by attorney Brian Mercy, told the court that he didn’t intend to harm anyone.

“This is not me, this is not how I am,” Wright told the court.

Coccoma, though, noted that after Wright was arrested, he essentially bragged to police about what he did. Coccoma also said Wright’s criminal history, with a prior violent felony, spoke for itself.

“I will not impose the maximum, but I will impose a significant sentence to send a message to you,” Coccoma said.

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