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Woman ticketed in latest Schenectady dog attack

A Schenectady woman was ticketed by a city animal control officer after her pit bull attacked a neig

A Schenectady woman was ticketed by a city animal control officer after her pit bull attacked a neighbor who walked past the animal, according to police.

Christina Weiss of 91 McClellan St. received tickets for having an unlicensed dog and unlawful behavior of a dog, both violations, in connection with the Sept. 27 attack.

According to the incident report, Weiss’ pit bull bit Tammie Faoro of 249 McClellan St. on the right hip and left calf, causing puncture wounds. Faoro was treated at Ellis Medicine’s McClellan Street Campus and released. Police said the dog was not seized. Weiss is due back in court Oct. 17.

Faoro’s fiance, William Forster, told The Daily Gazette on Thursday that Faoro was walking by 91 McClellan St. at 7:30 p.m. when the dog, which was loose in an unfenced front yard, attacked her from behind.

Forster said he contacted the media to bring more exposure to the problem of dog attacks in the city. “The more public exposure there is, the more officials might be pressured to look into this. I would think, at the very least, people with these dogs should have insurance,” he said.

Forster said Faoro has returned to the hospital for medical care because the puncture wounds have become infected.

City officials are looking for a way to address the problem of aggressive dogs following several dog attacks. One solution proposed by acting Mayor Gary McCarthy is to have U.S. Postal Service employees report dogs that behave aggressively, whether or not they actually attack.

The city is also giving mail carriers a list of every address with a licensed dog. This will allow them to report illegal dogs, as well, if they cross-reference the list.

Police Chief Mark Chaires and Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden are still researching ways to help police enforce laws against dangerous dogs.

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