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Police: Niskayuna students target of video threats

Niskayuna police are investigating two videos posted online that appeared threatening to three Niska

Niskayuna police are investigating two videos posted online that appeared threatening to three Niskayuna High School students.

Police, however, said there did not appear to be any immediate threat that required action beyond what has already been taken, including an ongoing police investigation and a letter home to parents.

The first video was brought to the school’s attention Thursday and the information was turned over to the Police Department. The second video came to school and police attention Friday morning.

Police are currently trying to determine who produced the videos.

According to a letter sent home with students Friday, high school Principal John Rickert addressed students and staff Friday morning over the school’s public address system “to reassure everyone that safety is our utmost priority and that the high school, in cooperation with police, would take any steps necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.”

A school official said later he understood the videos had been taken down.

Niskayuna Police Chief John Lubrant on Friday said the three students learned of the first video from emails. The emails directed them to the video, posted on the online video service YouTube.

“Upon viewing it, one could consider it to be threatening in nature,” Lubrant said.

He declined to elaborate on the contents of the videos.

Police have interviewed the students who received the emails. They are also working through the online trail to figure out who sent the emails.

If found, the sender could face misdemeanor charges of aggravated harassment, Lubrant said.

Police asked that anyone with information on the case to contact them at 374-3159.

In the principal’s address to students and staff, he also encouraged students with information to report it to any staff member.

Rickert also noted the district has policies relating to use of the Internet and potential misconduct. “Please take this opportunity to speak with your children and help educate them about the implications and potential consequences of this type of behavior,” Rickert’s letter reads.

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