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Officials examine Stockade site where car went into river

City police and engineering officials are reviewing the area where a car with a stricken driver went

City police and engineering officials are reviewing the area where a car with a stricken driver went into the Mohawk River over the weekend to determine if changes are needed, acting Mayor Gary McCarthy said Monday.

The Waterford woman suffered an apparent heart attack while driving on North Ferry Street and her car ended up rolling into the river.

“We’re having that looked at by the Police Department and the engineers to review if we need to do anything different,” McCarthy said Monday.

Mary B. Conroy, 84, of Waterford, died in the incident. She was driving in the area of North Ferry Street at about 8 p.m. Saturday when she called 911 to report that she needed help.

The line soon went dead, but lasted long enough for police to track her location.

It wasn’t known exactly how Conroy ended up in the river, but police confirmed Monday she did not hit any fences or bushes going in.

A car traveling straight down North Ferry Street toward the water would hit bushes. It would have to turn to the right to make it to the water.

The car went in near a parking area and near the bike path. An open drive leads to the path and the water, but that drive is offset from the center of North Ferry Street.

After Conroy’s 911 call, two officers were dispatched to try to find the woman and found her car on rocks on the edge of the water. As the officers approached, the car rolled into the water, police said.

Once the car was in the river, there was little officers could do with the equipment they had on hand, Fire Chief Michael Della Rocco said.

Schenectady and Niskayuna firefighters, Schenectady police and Mohawk Ambulance assisted in the search.

Around 10 p.m., Conroy’s body was pulled from the river.

Della Rocco said the search moved efficiently. He commended the dispatcher for working to get Conroy’s location.

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